Large Dog Wellness Plan

How to Get Started with Your Large Dog’s Nutrition Regimen

A little bit of fresh is a big step towards better health

While an all-fresh diet is ideal, we recognize the cost of eating fresh, whole foods for every meal with large dog and multi dog households. We believe every dog and every home should take steps towards great nutrition. You can start with Fresh or Fresh Freeze Dried as a topper or partial kibble replacement for a more budget friendly option.

Fresh As A Topper

Every fresh meal is hand crafted and gently cooked in small batches right in our commercial kitchen. Simple ingredients with no additives or preservatives.

Fresh nutrition becomes your dog’s medicine and nutritional roadmap for wellness. It can impact your dog’s energy, coat quality, digestion health and put them on a wellness track that processed foods can’t.

*95Ib dog, 1C/Topper/Fresh, **120Ib dog, 1C/Topper/ Fresh

Fresh Freeze Dried as a Topper

Fresh Freeze-dried retains 97% of the nutrients, includes pre, pro, and postbiotics & is shelf-stable for easy convenience. Our recipe tests number 1 in digestibility and number 1 in gut health vs leading kibble brands. It can provide your dog with the energy, vitality and strong gut health while being an optimal, shelf-stable, healthy meal approach.

*95Ib dog, 1C/Topper/Fresh Freeze Dried, *120Ib dog, 1C/Topper/ Fresh Freeze Dried

Portion & Feeding Guidelines

Fresh Meals

Meal Size
Dog Weight Full Meal Topper
19 lbs or less 110g
20 - 29 lbs 200g
30 - 39 lbs 250g
40 - 54 lbs 300g 110g
55 - 69 lbs 350g 200g
70 - 85 lbs 400g 200g
85 lbs+ 500g 250g

Fresh-Freeze Dried

Dog Weight Amount Per Day Meal Cost32 oz. Bag Subscription / 2 Daily Meals Bag LastsDays
5 lbs 2 TBL $0.24 112
10 lbs 4 TBL $0.48 56
15 lbs 5 TBL $0.60 45
20 lbs 6 TBL $0.72 37
30 lbs 1/2 Cup $0.96 28
40 lbs 1/2 Cup + 2 TBL $1.21 22
50 lbs 3/4 Cup $1.45 19
60 lbs 3/4 Cup + 2 TBL $1.69 16
70 lbs 1 Cup $1.93 14
80 lbs 1 Cup + 1 TBL $2.05 13
90 lbs 1 Cup + 3 TBL $2.29 12
100 lbs 1 1/4 Cup + 1 TBL $2.53 11
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Benefits of Fresh Dog Food– In Just Four Weeks!

Healthy Coat

High-quality, digestible proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins are essential for a healthy coat and less shedding.

Weight Control

With no fillers or artificial preservatives, our meals help dogs reach and maintain their ideal weight.

Increased Energy

Eating fresh, balanced meals leads to fewer visits to the vet and an increase in energy, vitality, and happiness.

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