A tan dog happily stands in front of two green Get Joy product boxes for National Spoil Your Pet Day.

10 Great Gifts for Spoil Your Pet Day

It’s no surprise that your beloved canine shows you consistent unconditional love. Want to reciprocate their love and attention? On “Spoil Your Pet Day,” make your mark with these gift ideas to celebrate your pup! Let’s take a closer look. 

Shower Your Spoiled Dog With Extra Love

A loyal companion deserves to be a spoiled dog every now and then! This year on Spoil Your Pet Day, pamper your pooch with extra love, attention, and affection. This celebration is observed annually on August 10th. Overall, it’s an opportunity to cherish your furry friend with gifts that they’ll enjoy. 

10 Ideas For National Spoil Your Dog Day

Here are 10 gift ideas to acknowledge and appreciate your dog on National Spoil Your Dog Day.

  1. Yummy Treats. What dog doesn’t love a yummy treat? Opt for high-quality and nutritious treats to give to your dog this holiday (and always). Get Joy has got you covered with various Freeze Dried Treats! You can choose from beef liver, beef heart, or beef kidney, all delectable and healthy options for your pooch.
  2. Dental Chews. As dog owners, we want the best possible care for our dogs. Dog chews are important for your dog’s dental health. Get Joy has natural, non-processed chews to keep your dog occupied and healthy. 
  3. Dog Clothes and Accessories. Keep your canine warm during winter months with stylish sweaters and other clothes. You can also shop for boots if your dog tolerates footwear. Dress your dog in cute and personalized accessories on this special day. 
  4. Dog Toys. Depending on your dog’s preference, consider purchasing an interactive toy that will keep them engaged. There are also plenty of dog toys to play fetch for more active dogs. 
  5. Dog Bed. Consider purchasing a more supportive bed for your canine this year. There are plush beds for dogs who love a snuggly cuddle. You can also find orthopedic beds for greater comfort to support older dogs. 
  6. Dog Pool. A pool for the water-loving pups is another great gift idea. This activity will keep them cool during the summer. There are different options to purchase, such as inflatable, rubber, and fabric pools. 
  7. Grooming Products. Find quality dog shampoos and grooming supplies from pet stores. Give your pooch a relaxing spa day by bathing them, relaxing grooming sessions, and brushing their coat. 
  8. Plan an Adventure. Gifts don’t always need to be material in nature. Simply taking a long walk at the park or going on a hike is a way to spend quality time with your dog. If your dog loves to explore, find a new dog-friendly park to take them to. 
  9. Host a Playdate. Give your pup the opportunity to socialize with other dogs by organizing a playdate. If you have friends who are also dog owners, try to schedule a date to bring everyone together. This gift idea is memorable for all. 
  10. Say, “I love you.” Don’t forget to tell your four-legged companion that you love them. Cuddle your dog, give them eye contact, and appreciate the special moments together. 

Spoil Your Pet In Other Ways With Get Joy

Don’t wait for a holiday to spoil your pet. Opting for a healthier lifestyle for your pet will ultimately bring ease to your family. There is no greater gift than choosing wellness for your beloved canine. That’s why Get Joy has created a nutritious meal program to transform the health of dogs. 

Get Joy has a simple yet profound mission, which is to improve the lives of families through the health and nutrition of your pet. Whether you are looking for high-quality treats, nutritious dental chews, or fresh meals for your dog, we have plenty of products for your family. 

Shop fresh and wholesome meals for your beloved dog and get started on your health journey today!