A fuzzy dog sits in the snow wearing snow goggles and Freeze Dried Treats from Get Joy! Concept to show one of the many options for gifts for dog lovers!

2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

We all know someone who absolutely adores their fur baby!  The guileless eyes of furry innocence and toothy smile deserves recognition. Find the perfect gifts for dog lovers this holiday season! The dog-obsessed eople in your life will appreciate it. 

Funny Gifts for Dog Parents

Whether intentional or not, dogs are often one of the most hilarious parts of a family. So here are some funny gifts to bring a chuckle to any dog lover!

A dog presses down on a talking button to give their owner a message!


The Talking Pet Starter Set

You’ve probably seen dogs sassing their owners or asking for treats with these buttons. So make your dog-loving loved one smile with this talking starter kit. 


A Dachschund sits on her bed in a golden collar that reads "Queen of Everything".

Trill Paws Pet Tags

Get some hilariously sassy pet tags for your friend’s dog. Make them and whoever they meet smile with these perfect collar tags. 


Practical Best Gifts for Dog Lovers

There are plenty of options for your dog-loving friend that might appreciate an especially practical gift. So here are some of the best gifts for dog lovers.


A pair of dogs lie together on their Casper dog bed!

Casper Memory Foam Dog Bed

Gift your friend’s dog a good night’s sleep. This luxury bed is specifically designed to be durable for dog use with a removable cover for easy washing. 


A dog in a puffer coat sticks their rear end out of a snow bank.

Dog Puffer Coat 

Get your friend a coat for their pup and help them keep warm during the colder seasons. Pick from a wide array of sizes and color preferences. 


A dog looks up hungrily at Get Joy Freeze Dried Treats that their owner is putting on a table.


Freeze-Dried Treats 

Gift your friend and their dog a little joy this year with tasty treats that are great for the digestive system. 

Best Gifts for Dog Owners: Matching Sets

It’s said that the longer a person lives with their dog, the more they start to look like them. Help your friend imitate their pooch a little more with these matching dog and owner sets. 

A dog sits happily on grass in a pink collar that perfectly matches the bracelet her owner is wearing.

Bracelet and Collar Set

Gift your dog-loving friend this elegant matching set of collars and bracelets. 

A dog and their owner sit side-by-side in bed together, wearing matching pajamas and Santa Hats!


Matching Dog and Owner PJs

These adorable matching gingerbread PJs are perfect for this holiday season! These jammies come from WoofOutWest on Etsy!


Give the Gift of Joy this Season With Get Joy

Whether you are buying dog gifts or dog-lover gifts this season, Get Joy has what you need. Get tasty dog-approved treats for your pooch and Get Joy gear for your dog-loving friends. Browse our products to find the perfect pet lover gift this season.