3 Tips for Kickstarting Gut Health in Your Puppy

3 Tips for Kickstarting Gut Health in Your Puppy

For most pet owners, the health of your dog is just as important as your own. Believe it or not, protecting gut health is essential for both humans and dogs. Good puppy gut health is an important part of regulating weight and improving digestion and nutrient absorption. It’s even an essential part of supporting their mental health. Here are three simple tips for better balancing the gut health of your puppy. 

1. Boost Gut Health with Probiotics

Do you remember the Activia commercials with Jamie Lee Curtis? The ones that talked about probiotics for your gut health? Probiotics aren’t just for people. These healthy microbes live in your dog’s gut, converting fiber and plant-based sugars into vitamins and fatty acids. They improve your dog’s biochemistry and help fight infections. 

Our Freeze Dried Meals contain pre, pro & postbiotics and locks in 97% of our ingredients nutritional value. Watch them scarf it down and set your puppy up for a lifetime of success.

2. Protect Puppy Gut Health: Brush Their Teeth

Dental issues can seriously impact a dog’s gut health. To protect against serious dental complications, veterinarians suggest you start brushing your dog’s teeth early. Not only does this help them stay protected, but it also helps them get used to it early on. It is much easier to train a puppy to submit to teeth cleaning. We recommend these teeth cleaning kits. 

3. Freeze Dried Food: Best Dog Food for Gut Health

Freeze-dried food is a great way to ensure your dog eats raw food while having the benefits of pre, pro & postbiotics for proper gut health. Unlike dehydrated foods, freeze-dried foods stay raw and maintain 97% of the food’s original nutrition.

According to a pet diet study, 98.7% of dog owners feeding their pets a raw diet said their pets seemed healthier after starting the diet. Get Joy Fresh Freeze Dried food retains a markedly easignificant amount of the nutrients, starting your puppy off with good gut health from the very beginning.

Support Your Dog’s Gut Health with Get Joy

All in all, Get Joy’s mission is to improve the lives of families through pet health and nutrition. As a result, we offer products to feed your pup and support their health, as well as 24/7 access to on-demand virtual vet services. Both our fresh and freeze dried foods are made with human grade ingredients that are high in nutrients. You can see the freshness and identify individual ingredients in every serving. Check out the freeze-dried food on our website or contact us today.

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