A man sits on a snowmobile with his brand new Christmas Puppy in his lap, attached by a harness.

3 Tips for New Dog Parents Who Got a Christmas Puppy

All the presents are open, the surprises have been revealed, and you and your family are showering your brand-new Christmas puppy with snuggles. After the first excitement has faded, it’s time to ask the question “now what?” Taking care of a puppy is not an easy task. There are a few important things to know at the beginning 

1. Start Enforcing Rules With Your New Puppy Right Away

Christmas puppies need guidance, and cuteness is nature’s defense for baby animals. It makes them look so sweet and innocent, but they can be mischief-makers! Luckily, they don’t stay that way. The time and work you pour into your little furry friend does pay off eventually. It simply means you have to stick to your guns. 

It may seem early, but your pup needs to learn there are rules from the very beginning. They are smart and, with consistency, will learn the rules. It is important to ensure your pup’s day is structured and consistent to help them adjust to the new environment. Use gentle redirection on poor behavior and avoid frightening them with yelling or punishment. Praising good behavior will go a long way toward reinforcing the rules. 

2. When You Get a Puppy for Christmas, Start Small

Getting a puppy for Christmas can be overwhelming for everyone. When you are introducing your Christmas puppy to the house, start small. Giving them free rein in the home right away can cause sensory overload. Give them a small designated area to begin with. Let them get used to that spot with all its new smells and sights. 

This location should be a puppy-proofed place where they have their food, water, and crate. Once they are used to this space, you can let them explore a little further. This space will also be where they return to rest and feel safe. 

3. Schedule a Checkup with Your Vet for a Healthy Puppy

For a healthy puppy, you should take them to see a vet. This is a basic check-up to ensure they are healthy and to discuss vaccinations. Puppies need more vaccinations than older dogs. It is important to safeguard their health before beginning to socialize them with other pups. This is also a great time to discuss the best food for your dog’s breed. You can also ask any other questions you might have. 

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