A woman wears pajamas and an eye mask on her head while sitting in bed and smiling, holding her dog. She is demonstrating providing a calm environment for dog anxiety.

3 Ways to Unleash Inner Calm in Your Dog

Dog anxiety is very real and can be seriously crippling for our canines. If you’ve witnessed your dog struggling with anxiety in any shape or form, you know how stressful it can be. 

Fortunately, there are many tools and resources for those who want to reduce their dog’s anxiety levels. Whether they’re struggling with separation anxiety, get anxious in new environments, or simply need calming support to get through the day, effective anxiety management is possible for dogs! 

Let’s explore how lifestyle changes and anxiety supplements can support your dog and give you peace of mind. 

Incorporating Lifestyle Changes & Anxiety Supplements for Dogs

In one survey, over 72 percent of Finnish dog owners reported witnessing their pups showing signs of stress or anxiety in different situations. To reduce this staggering statistic, here are a few calming activities you can try with your dog to prevent anxiety and help calm them down in stressful moments. 

Listen to music

Music therapy has impressive mental health benefits for humans and dogs. Classical music has proven to be an effective calming method for shelter dogs, so why not try it with your dog? Sit together on the floor and embark on a musical journey. 

Music can drown out any noises that may be causing your dog stress—creating a relaxing environment where they can find some calm. 

Go on a long walk

If you have time, take your dog on a long, relaxing walk outdoors. Whether it’s on your favorite path or exploring a new area of town, stress relief can always be found in the great outdoors. Fresh smells and sounds will help relieve stress, release energy, and give your dog a boost of mental and physical stimulation. 

Try aromatherapy 

Aromatherapy is highly effective at relieving stress in humans and dogs. Oils derived from natural sources, like herbs, plants, and flowers have therapeutic properties that help reduce stress through scent. 

Oils like lavender and jasmine are commonly used for stress relief as they calm nerves, promote healthy sleep, and reduce anxiety and excitement. When your dog is in a new environment or a situation that can be triggering, aromatherapy is a great way to support him. 

Finding the Best Anxiety Supplements for Dogs

On the hunt for dog anxiety supplements that are safe and effective? Look no further than Get Joy’s science-backed Calm+ supplement, a preventative daily chew that supports stress and anxiety for a longer, fuller life. 

Calm+ provides key benefits for your dog, like mood boost, improved sleep, mental alertness, and reduced destructive behavior. With scientifically proven ingredients like chamomile, valerian root, and passion flower, your dog can enjoy less stress and anxiety in many settings. 

Boost Your Dog’s Well-Being with Get Joy

At Get Joy, we take great pride in providing dog owners with the highest-quality, most natural products possible. We’ve developed the best anxiety supplements for dogs that naturally calm them down and ease their stress. Give your companion peace of mind when you choose Get Joy’s Calm+ anxiety supplement!

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