A lab runs in blue water to chase a frisbee, demonstrating safety tips at the beach.

4 Safety Tips for Taking Your Dog to the Beach

Playing with your dogs outside is always fun, but it's important to stay safe, especially when taking your dog to the beach. So, let’s discuss three safety tips! By following these tips, you can ensure a fun and safe experience for both you and your dog!

Top Safety Tips for Dogs at the Beach

First things first: confirm that the beach you plan to visit allows dogs. While most do, it's always best to double-check.

Next, ensure your dog knows how to swim. While some dogs are naturally strong swimmers, it's not safe to assume all are. If anything, consider signing your dog up for swimming lessons to build their confidence and skills in the water first.

Additionally, don't forget to protect your dog from the sun. Just like humans, dogs can be at risk of skin cancer. So, apply a safe sunscreen or balm designed for dogs to keep them protected. This is especially important for dogs with light-colored fur!

Finally, keep your dog hydrated. Avoid letting them drink ocean salt water by bringing fresh, clean water in abundance along to the beach. You can even bring frozen treats along in your cooler for your dog!

3 Safe Ways to Have Fun with Your Dog at the Beach

Lastly, don’t forget to have fun in the sun while you’re at the beach with your dog! Here are three fun beach games:

1. Fetch

First, you can play fetch with your dog. Beaches offer large, open spaces perfect for running around. You can use a ball or a frisbee—plus, many dogs love trying to catch a frisbee in the air. However, be mindful of crowded areas where it may not be safe to play.

2. Go on a Walk

In addition, you can go on a nice walk around the beach. There are plenty of places for dogs to explore and sniff, and longer walks can help improve their stamina and cardiovascular health.

3. Scavenger Hunt

Finally, create a scavenger hunt for them. You can hide toys in the sand and let them dig and discover! Be sure to reward them with a delicious treat once they find the toys.

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