A woman wearing sunglasses holds her yellow lab puppy on take your dog to work day.

4 Tips to Prepare for Take Your Dog To Work Day

Ready to show off your dog to your coworkers while letting your four-legged friend brighten up the day during working hours? Then get ready because June 23rd is National Take Your Dog to Work Day! 

Bringing your dog to work can be a fun, rewarding experience for you, your furry friend, and your colleagues. However, before you grab the leash and head to the office, it's essential to consider a few details. Let’s take a look!

National Take Your Dog to Work Day: The Pros 

For you and your colleagues, having a dog at work can immediately brighten the day and relieve tension. Here are three pros to taking your dog to work!

Stress Reduction 

One of the most common triggers at work is stress. Luckily, it can be reduced when there’s a dog around. Studies have shown that having a dog in your presence and interacting with them can lower blood pressure and cortisol levels. 

Less stress leads to greater relaxation. Therefore, more relaxed energy is just the thing to boost morale. 

Improved Productivity

The increased productivity of having a dog around at the workplace isn’t only because we’re more relaxed. Our dog will also force us to go outside a few times a day. 

A short little break in some fresh air while moving your body during working hours is the ingredient to helping you recharge and refocus. This is a surefire way to a better work performance.

Improves Workplace Relationships

Having a dog around can improve your workplace relationships with your coworkers. This is because dogs are great conversation starters and can break the daily habitual flow at the workplace. 

Employees have a different topic to talk about or a non-work related topic, which can lead to stronger bonds and a positive work environment.

4 Tips for Your Dog at Work

There are some things to remember for a seamless workday while your pup is joining you. Here are four tips for you and your dog at work!

1. Dog-Proof Your Workplace

Whether or not your dog is a chewer, put away any possible chewing temptations. This includes dangerous objects like cleaning products, toxic indoor plants, cords, and your secret chocolate batch. 

You can check out the guide of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for further guidance.

2. Have an Outdoor Area Close By

Frequent bathroom breaks are non-negotiable for your dog. So, make sure that you enjoy the fresh air together. Pro tip: add some playtime while you’re out there. 

3. Personalized Dog Prep

Consider the character of your dog before going on this adventure. How is your dog with other people and other animals? Check-in with colleagues who are bringing their dogs to work too! Is your dog shy or scared in different environments? Or is your dog a people lover who will do anything for attention?

4. Don’t Forget Their Items

On take your dog to work day, consider bringing an extra backpack just for your dog. Bring a water bowl, food, treats, toys, chews, their leash, cleanup bags, a pet-safe disinfectant, and a comfortable pillow or mat for them to relax on. 

Remember not to force your dog on anyone. If your co-workers like your dog, they will come to you independently. 

Get Professional Support from Get Joy

At Get Joy, we love Take Your Dog to Work Day. When you come prepared, you’re sure to bring a whole lot of joy into your day (and your coworkers’ days!). Reach out with any questions you might have at our on-demand virtual vet service. We’re here to help!