A dog happily holds his Husky, demonstrating happiness and February fitness tips.

5 February Fitness Tips for Dogs

You may already know that most dogs need at least one brisk walk daily, along with slow walks to explore and sniff and plenty of general play to keep their physical and mental health intact.

Thinking about creating a more structured fitness plan for your dog? It’s a great way to maintain a healthy weight, boost their mood, and even become more active yourself! 

Here are a few tried and true tips to try when creating a dog fitness routine and how to stick to it.

How to Build a Dog Fitness Routine 

Dogs need physical exercise just as much as we do, and it’s up to you to ensure your dog is getting the activity he or she needs to thrive and live a healthy life. Here are a few tips to get your dog on a consistent activity routine that will benefit both of you. 

1. Make it challenging

Dogs need stimulation, and if your dog seems bored or disinterested in a walk, it’s time to get creative! Try a scavenger hunt, an obstacle course, ramps, and other outdoor activities to encourage him to move while providing a challenge.

2. Alternate between indoor and outdoors

In the winter time, it is hard for some dogs to get outdoors for a walk or run. Keep them on track with indoor activities that will get their heart pumping, like dancing, racing for treats, or even a slow walk on your treadmill. Indoor movement may be the only option some days, but movement is key during the cold months to boost your dog’s immunity. so you’ll have to find ways to exercise outside the norm.

3. Plan play dates

Dogs are highly social creatures, and most enjoy running and playing with other pups when they can. Whether you host at home, meet at the park, or head to the local dog park, play dates encourage socialization, exercise, and fun. 

4. Get involved

Your dog is much more likely to try new things or go out in the cold if you’re right there with them. Rather than throwing open the back door and encouraging them to go run around in the backyard, join them in play! Play fetch, wrestle, and explore the environment together. You may end up having just as much fun as they do!

5. Be flexible

Depending on where you live, outdoor activities may change due to weather. Perhaps the dog park closes because of an incoming storm or your local dog-walking meetup got canceled because too many people bailed. 

Be prepared for winter weather to change your plans, and try to be flexible. Anytime you get in the car, be sure to pack a warm jacket for your dog and yourself. You never know when you may find an appealing trail or park to explore.

Invest in a Dog Fitness Tracker

Want a fit dog? We’re excited to share our recent release, the Get Joy X Whistle smart collar! It’s so much more than a fitness tracker; this device can track your dog’s location, deliver health metrics, monitor diet, spot allergy symptoms, and more. 

Using the Whistle collar, you can boost your dog’s overall wellness while paying close attention to certain health goals they’re working towards. 

Stay Active with Your Dog This Winter

Whether you’re adding a few more physical exercises to your dog’s routine or you’re changing their diet, there are so many benefits to focusing on your dog’s health and wellness. You’ll improve the quality of their life, potentially extending their time in your home and boosting their mental wellness along with it. 

Get Joy is honored to be a part of your pup’s healthy journey. From fresh food to virtual vet services, we’re here for you. Get started today!