A man smiles and holes his Husky dog in his arms and the Husky is licking his nose. They are outside on green grass.

5 Summer Grooming Tips to Know

For proud dog owners, few things beat the satisfaction and sheer joy of a recently groomed pet. With the summer season shining bright, outdoor adventures may call for extra grooming. This is because summer causes extra shedding and increases the risk of heat stroke for dogs.

Ultimately, proper grooming keeps your pet healthy and happy while preventing overheating, dehydration, and skin infections.

Dog Grooming Tips to Implement This Summer

Grooming entails bathing, tooth brushing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, hair trimming and cutting, coat brushing, and skin checking. Here are some tips for this summer season!

1. Trim Your Dog’s Paw & Ear Hair

The hair around your dog’s paws and ears is more likely to get dirty. Be it debris, bacteria, or just plain dirt, summertime fun means your dog will occasionally be getting muddy. Trimming the excess hair in these dirt-prone areas helps maintain cleanliness and prevent infections.

2. Check for Ticks Regularly

Ticks like to latch onto dog fur, especially in the summer. After every outdoor adventure, it's important to conduct a thorough tick check on your dog. Remember that ticks, when left unchecked, attach and hatch eggs which may lead to Lyme disease and other infections.

Make sure to check their paws, ears, head, and all over their body. Use tweezers to remove ticks and sterilize the pincers using a candle flame before using them again.

3. Keep Your Dog’s Ears Clean & Dry

When the weather warms, moisture can easily get trapped in a dog’s ears, leading to infections. To avoid this, you’ll want to regularly clean and dry your pet’s ears to prevent any issues.

However, if you notice your dog is scratching their ears more than usual, or if there’s a questionable odor coming from the ears, consult your veterinarian. As you get into the habit of cleaning your dog’s ears weekly during summertime, you can check for any redness, swelling, or discharge, which should also be brought to your vet’s attention.

4. Focus on Nutrition & Hydration

Just as our nails, skin, and overall health are linked to how we eat and how well-hydrated we are, so are a dog’s fur, coat, nails, and overall health. Therefore, it’s vital to ensure you’re focused on giving your dog the highest quality fresh meals while keeping them hydrated throughout the day.

What to Do If a Dog Groomer is Unavailable & Your Dog Has Skin Irritation

It’s fairly common during summer for dogs' skin to become irritated due to allergies, insect bites, and the humid weather. When a dog groomer isn’t readily available or accessible, consider trying a natural home remedy to provide temporary relief for your dog’s dry skin.

Combining oatmeal, coconut oil, rosemary, and/or aloe vera into a wash soap can relieve your dog’s irritation. Here’s a recipe with instructions you can follow. However, be sure to take your dog to the vet if the irritation persists.

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