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6 Must-Haves for Your Dog This Season

Winter is here, which means you’ll be needing new dog toys and gear for yourself. With freezing temperatures and a decrease in outdoor play, it’s essential that you fill the season with fun and warmth. Here are seven must-have winter items for you and your dog this season.

3 Must-Have Health and Wellness Products

Winter is a season spent primarily indoors, which is all the more reason to prioritize health and wellness products for yourself and your dog. Here are three fantastic options you shouldn't miss:

1. Get Joy Fresh Meals

What's on your dog's holiday menu for a healthy gut? Consider putting fresh meals at the top of your list! Enjoy the flavors of the season, like lamb, cranberries, and carrots with our Fresh Lamb Meals.

2. AG1

As we enter the colder months, it's essential to keep your immunity and gut health strong, too. Check out the AG1 products to start enhancing your health today.

3. Maxbone Calming Shampoo

Consider pampering your pup with an at-home spa treatment! Try out the Maxbone Calming Shampoo for relaxing, excellent results. 

3 Must-Have Cozy Winter Products

Just like humans, your pup requires warmth during this time of year. That means covering your companion with extra protection and padding.

Therefore, investing in the right winter gear will keep you both cozy and protect you from the harsh elements. Here are three great options to consider:

1. Skims Pet Hoodie

Humans aren't the only ones who should enjoy a cozy hoodie! This season, keep your pup comfy, warm, and extra stylish with this Skims Pet Hoodie.

2. Fuzzy Beanie

For the chilly days, consider giving the gift of comfort and style with our warm, plush beanie this holiday season. 

3. Crossbody Bag and Treats Bundle

Indulge in stocking stuffers that spark joy and comfort! Perfectly packaged gift sets of our freeze-dried treats and essential crossbody bags for your next dog walk, this holiday gift set is an absolute must!

Elevate Your Dog’s Winter with Get Joy

Get Joy’s fresh dog food to help promote overall well-being and physical health. Elevate your dog’s winter experience with nutrition-packed and delicious meals. With us, your dog’s guaranteed a protected and healthy season. And this season, don't forget to shop our holiday gift shop!