A Dog Friendly Guide to Austin

A Dog Friendly Guide to Austin

If Austin Texas is on your list of dog-friendly travel destinations, or a city you’re considering moving to, you’ve got the right idea. Downtown Austin is extremely walkable and pet-friendly, with a wide variety of dog-friendly attractions, activities, and sights. During your visit, you may want to explore the dog friendly restaurants Austin has to offer. Or, maybe the beautiful parks located throughout the city pique your interest. 

No matter what adventures you prefer, Austin is jam-packed with great food, green spaces, and a pet-friendly lifestyle for you and your dog. The Get Joy team just returned from Austin after a successful pop-up series showcasing dog-friendly spaces in the city! So, we’ve got you covered.

To learn more about Austin and all the city has in store for you and your furry friend, continue reading!

The Dog Parks Austin Has to Offer

Get ready for parks galore! Austin has much to offer when it comes to recreational off-leash areas for your pet. From island play areas to city parks, you won't be disappointed. Let's take a look at some dog parks Austin has to provide.

Red Bud Isle

Situated in the Colorado River, Red Bud Isle is a bridge-accessible island known for off-leash dog exploration, trails, kayaking, and canoeing. The island is 13 acres and perfect for a daytime adventure for you and your dog. At Red Bud Island, fun is in store whether you stay dry on land or decide to kayak offshore. 

Auditorium Shores Off Leash Park 

If you’re looking for a city-side view and a dog-friendly location, Auditorium Shores Park is the perfect destination for you and your pup. The park is on the riverfront, central to the city, and easy to access. Head over to Auditorium Shores for some off-leash fun and a game of catch with your dog!

Zilker Park

Austin is truly home to some incredible green spaces, including Zilker Park. Zilker Park is a 350-acre space for city dwellers to kick back, relax, and most importantly, explore with their dogs! For off-leash fun, make sure you stick to the area North of Barton Springs Road where your dog can roam free and adventure. 

Dog Friendly Hotels Austin

During your trip, make sure your pet can join in on the fun. This is key to wholesome, pet-friendly travel. It’s also why finding the right place to stay is so important. Getting familiar with the vast array of dog friendly hotels Austin has in store will truly make your trip worthwhile.

For your next trip to Austin, check out hotels like Hotel San Jose, Aiden by Best Western, or Fairmont Austin. These hotels welcome small and large dogs alike, and provide a welcoming environment for you and your pet. 

Other Dog Friendly Attractions  

The list goes on when it comes to Austin's dog-friendly sites and attractions! In addition to dog-friendly parks and hotels, Austin is home to many food and entertainment venues that welcome dogs. Check out these two spots!

The Yard Bar

The Yard Bar is a venue for dogs and people to hang out, enjoy food and drinks, and be together. Enjoy the Yard Bar’s open space to mingle with the community, allow dogs to play, and experience a unique take on a dog-friendly lifestyle. 


For another dog-friendly event space, check out the Austin Beer Garden and Brewery patio for an outdoor space with drinks, food, and entertainment. 

These are just a few locations that make Austin one of the top, dog-friendly cities in the country. No matter what you’re hoping to experience on your trip, there’s something available for you and your dog around every corner. 

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