A man stands in the woods in front of his cabin with two dogs while holding Get Joy treats. The husky dog is standing.

A Dog's Guide to Springtime Bliss

By March, most pet owners are more than ready to say goodbye to winter — long, cold days and being cooped up inside with their dogs inevitably bring feelings of cabin fever that are difficult to shake. The good news is the spring equinox is upon us! 

Planning Ahead: When is the Spring Equinox?

This year, the Spring Equinox falls on Tuesday, March 19. This annual event marks the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. On March 19, the Earth’s unique position causes 12 hours of sunlight in almost every location on the planet. 

What does this mean for dog owners? Winter is over, and it’s (finally) time to enjoy the great outdoors! 

Dog Activities to Enjoy After the Spring Equinox 2024

It’s common to wonder, “What is the spring equinox?” Now that you know, you can plan fun activities and events for your dog. Here are some of the most enjoyable dog-inspired activities to remember as you fill up your dog’s social calendar this month. 

Find New Hiking Trails 

The winter months may have prevented you from exploring as much as you wanted, but with spring finally here, it’s time to carve out time. Venture out to new hiking trails or walking routes you’ve been eyeing with your pup in town. Hiking trails encourage mental stimulation and introduce new sights, sounds, and smells for your dog to enjoy. 

Plan Play Dates

We’re all a little more homebound when it’s cold out, so once spring arrives, it’s time to get social again! Make playdate plans with friends with dogs so your dog can get the socialization and stimulation he needs to thrive. Plan to meet up at a local dog park or host the dogs in your backyard. 

Enjoy Restaurants & Breweries

Soak up the sun and enjoy a cold one at a dog-friendly brewery or cafe. These types of eateries and watering holes are becoming more common as more people are seeking places to bring their dogs. 

Hit the Beach or the Lake

No matter where you’re located, any body of water will provide hours of entertainment and joy for your dog. Pack a lunch, grab some towels, and prepare for a day full of splashing and adventures. 

Attend Local Dog-Friendly Events

If you live in a dog-friendly city, spring will bring ample opportunities for dog-friendly events. If you and your dog felt a little blue all winter, socialization may be what the doctor ordered! Pet fairs, local dog walks, street fairs, and a visit to the local farmer’s market are all great ways to enjoy the sunshine and make new friends. 

Welcome Spring with Get Joy!

Get Joy is here to support you and your dogs through every season of the year. From providing nutritious, well-balanced meals to offering virtual vet services anytime you need, we’re committed to ensuring pet ownership is a positive experience for you and your dog.