A man walking his dogs on a boardwalk towards a cityscape. Image demonstrates how dogs can travel with their owners with BringFido.

BringFido: The Pet-Friendly Hotel Finder and Other Travel Tips You Need This Winter

The time for seasonal travel is coming. Maybe you are driving cross country or just far enough away to need a hotel for the night. No matter where you are going, not everyone wants to leave their dog behind. Enter BringFido to the rescue! Instead of leaving your pooch at home or boarding them, you can find pet-friendly hotels with this helpful website. 

What Counts as Dog Friendly Hotels?

At one point, dog friendly hotels were known as a hotel that let you bring your dog for an extra fee. Nowadays, truly pet-friendly hotels have a whole new implication. Here are a few aspects that make hotels of today more pet-friendly.

  • Reasonable Pet Fees: Instead of charging hundreds of extra dollars to bring your pet, the hotel will charge a reasonable fee. Normally, the one-time cleaning fee is less than $50 and the daily pet fee is between $10 and $25.
  • Minimal Restrictions: While some restrictions are necessary for the safety of all human and furry guests, they shouldn’t be outlandish. 
  • Room Quality or Location: Having a pet shouldn’t affect where they place you or the quality of the room you are given. 
  • Accommodations: Some pet-friendly destinations will provide special entertainment or food options for their four-legged guests. 

What is BringFido.com?

BringFido.com is a website that helps dog owners find places to stay, play, and eat with their dogs. You can read thousands of reviews by dog owners about attractions and destinations all throughout the US. Make a booking through the website with guaranteed reservations and no booking fees. When you book your stay, speak with a canine concierge to ensure there are no surprises when you check in. Find the best places to take your furry friend all around the country with BringFido. 

BringFido Hotels: Go Where the Spirit of Adventure Takes You

Many people have had encounters with seedy hotels that charge extra large fees to keep a dog in their rooms. With BringFido, you can find quality dog-friendly destinations that meet your standards and don’t break the bank. Find thousands of resorts and hotels, campgrounds, vacation rentals, and bed and breakfasts to visit with your dog. 

Use these Winter Travel Tips While Staying with BringFido Hotels

Wherever you go this winter, it’s important to be prepared to protect your dog from the elements. Traveling in the winter comes with different complications that travelin in the summer does. Here are a few things to keep in mind. 

  • Make lots of stops, but make them short.
    • Regular potty breaks are important for your pup, but take the cold weather in consideration. Take as little time out in the cold as possible.
  • Help them stay warm
    • Whether you get them a puppy parka or booties, it is important to protect them from the cold temperatures. 
  • Keep them hydrated
    • It can be easy to forget that cold can cause dehydration as well. Bring water and a bowl so your dog can stay properly hydrated on your trip.

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