A dog sits next to its owner and a tennis ball while the owner reads and smiles.

Calm Canine Comfort: Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Festivities

The holiday season is here, and you may be preparing for a festive and memorable time with loved ones. There’s a lot of change during this time of year, and it’s important that your dog feels safe and ready to experience it all with you. 

Here are some tips to help your companion enjoy stress-free holiday festivities.

Preparing Your Dog for the Holidays

While you may love the holidays, it can be a time of stress for your dog. Whether it be an increase in visitors, new decor, or traveling, a change in your dog’s routine can cause anxiety.

It’s important that your dog can have a relaxing and festive time with you. So here are some steps you can take to prepare your companion for the holidays best.

1. Socialize Them

Dogs not used to human interaction will have an especially hard time being around guests during the holidays. So, it’s important that you spend some time training them to help them become used to human interaction and increased activity. The more a dog is socialized, the more comfortable and secure they’ll feel with frequent foot traffic and visitors.

It’s important to remember that your dog should always be supervised, especially if you are expecting to be around children. This will ensure that your dog and everyone around is as safe as possible.

2. Create a Quiet Space

Holiday time means chatter, music, and other loud noises that your dog may be overwhelmed by. To help them relax and de-stress, consider making a space that’s quiet and more secluded from the activity.

Doing this will give them a place to recharge and relax, keeping them from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

3. Keep Routines Intact

Routines can be hard to keep exactly the same as your schedule becomes more busy and you begin traveling. However, it’s crucial that you keep the same routine as much as possible.

Dogs thrive with regular routines. For example, try to keep the same meal and walk times as best as possible. Also, remember to monitor how many treats guests may give your dog, especially if it’s human food.

4. Prep for Travel

Whether it’s on a plane for a few hours or in a car for a day, dogs don’t tend to do well with traveling. If you are someone who travels a lot for the holidays, be sure to prepare what your dog will need to feel comfortable and stress-free. You’ll also want to make a list of what activities your dog can and cannot take part in.

If you plan to leave your dog at home, have a familiar person care for them. Remember, the holidays impact your dog just as much as they do you. So be proactive and prepared, and enjoy your time with your companion.

Celebrating a Stress-Free Holiday Season

The holiday season is full of fun, festivities, and play – all things your dog enjoys doing with you. Here are some ways to incorporate your furry friend into the celebrations without stressing them out.

1. Play Games

Dogs love to play. Whether it’s hide and seek or chasing a ball, your dog needs stimulation and activity to enjoy themselves. Providing that will ensure a fun time for them and you.

2. Make Homemade Treats

The only thing dogs love more than playtime is a treat. Put your love and care into a homemade dog-friendly treat that’s nutritious and delicious. Together, you and your dog can enjoy holiday baking and snacking.

3. Take a Minute to Relax

The holidays can be very exhausting, and your dog will feel the toll. Spending some quiet time relaxing with them will help lower their stress and recharge their battery.

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