A puppy sits next to a green bag of fresh freeze dried dog food, demonstrating a healthy diet that contributes to minimizing dog anxiety.

Calm Canines 101: Your Guide to a Peaceful Life with Your New Puppy

At any age, dog anxiety is prevalent and something every pet parent should be prepared for. 

Some dogs struggle with separation anxiety that is exacerbated when owners leave for work, to run a few errands, or even to work in the yard without their canine. 

Puppies in particular show anxiety in different ways than adult dogs might, so it’s important to understand the signs of anxiety in your new puppy so you can take the appropriate steps to combat it and support your new family member. 

Let’s explore how you can reduce puppy anxiety and create a calming environment for your dog at any age.

Supporting a New Puppy with Consistency & Anxiety Supplements for Dogs 

Here’s how you can support a new puppy to reduce or avoid anxiety.


To avoid separation anxiety, it’s important to train your puppy on how to be alone. This happens with practice, consistency, and socialization. You’ll need to provide a safe enclosure where your puppy can rest and relax when you leave the home. Practice in short sessions, like 5 to 10 minutes a few times a day. This will get the puppy accustomed to being alone and will reduce the likelihood of separation anxiety.

Consistent Routines

Dogs thrive off of routine. Create a daily routine that involves your dog being alone, having opportunities for socialization, exercise, and plenty of playtime. Consistency teaches dogs what to expect and supports them in becoming independent. Plenty of exercise, especially for puppies, is critical for energy release and mental stimulation. Invest in plenty of puzzle toys, chews, and other toys that will distract your puppy and keep them entertained. 


Did you know that a diet high in protein can act as a mood stabilizer for dogs? Whole foods provide all the natural vitamins and minerals your puppy needs to thrive. High-carb and simple sugars can spike sugar levels, which often lead to increased stress and anxiety. Fresh freeze-dried meals offer all the high-quality ingredients that optimize gut health for dogs of all life stages. 

The Best Anxiety Supplements for Dogs & Puppies

Once you bring home a puppy and build a routine, you may notice signs of anxiety or stress in your new family member. Some puppies are nervous meeting new people or animals—this is why socialization is critical from a young age—while others may be destructive when you leave the home. 

Get Joy’s Calm+ supplement provides stress and anxiety support, improves sleep, and reduces hyperactivity and destructive behavior, which is common in anxious puppies and dogs. 

Navigate Puppy Parenthood with Get Joy

At Get Joy, we strongly commit to dog health and wellness. That’s why we’ve developed nutritious, gut-healthy meals and all-natural supplements for dogs at every phase of life. Explore our Calm+ supplement or fresh freeze-dried meals for the ultimate well-balanced diet for your new family member.

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