Image shows an older dog wearing a coat. Image demonstrates needs for dog coats for winter.

Dog Coats for Winter: Why You Should Consider Buying Them

We are smack dab in the middle of winter, and the coldest months have just begun. While dogs have fur, not all of them are built for the frigid temperatures that many U.S. states will experience. Of course, huskies and German Shepherds have thick undercoats meant to protect them from the cold. But breeds like Chihuahuas, Frenchies, and other dogs do not. Luckily, designers accordingly produce dog coats for breeds that don’t have the same resilience to cold that huskies do. 

Deciding if You Need Coats for Dogs

Not all dogs need coats, but for some, it is very important that they have one. There are a few factors to consider as you decide on buying coats for dogs. Here’s what to consider if your pup is in need of a little extra warmth this winter.

Coat Type

Dogs with thick double-layered coats are more capable of handling colder temperatures. These breeds originated in colder climates from northern regions. This gives them more cold-resistant attributes when temperatures drop. Dogs with thin coats don’t have the same protection and will need an extra layer in the cold. 

Dog Size

Smaller dogs get colder faster than large dogs. Dogs lose heat through their skin. The higher the surface area-to-body mass ratio is, the faster heat gets lost. 


Body fat is insulation for dogs. Thinner dogs don’t have as much protection and will get colder much faster. 

Age and Health

Very young or very old dogs, or dogs with health issues, struggle to regulate their body temperatures. These dogs need a little extra protection from the chill. 

What to Look for in Winter Coats for Dogs

There are many different options to buy winter coats for dogs. Deciding on the best coat to buy is a lot easier if you have guidelines. Here’s what you should consider looking for in a dog coat:

  • Fleece lined or thickly quilted: These are important for helping keep in the heat. 
  • Waterproof coats: Waterproofing will help fight off the chill of damp days and protect them from snow. 
  • Harness-friendly coats: It’s important to have a coat that acts as a harness or will allow you to attach a leash.
  • For smaller dogs, a hood will help protect their sensitive ears from the cold. 

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