Dog Training Tips for National Dog Training Education Month!

Dog Training Tips for National Dog Training Education Month!

February is Dog Training Education Month! Training your dog is a necessary part of being a dog parent. And, let’s be real, training is a journey, not a destination! This is an ongoing learning process between you and your pup, where mistakes are welcome and treats abound.

For every phase of the process, here are some necessary dog training tips for new and seasoned dog owners alike. These tips are sure to come in handy as you and your pup embark on this new chapter together.

Dog Training Near Me: The Essentials

Dog Training 101

First things first, when it comes to dog training, it’s important to note that positive reinforcement works extremely well with dogs. Your sweet pup wants to know what they’re doing right, and they respond very well to rewards. Focus on what your dog is doing well, not just their downfalls and misdoings. Remember, you’re both learning together! Give praise where praise is due.

Training to Behave Around Guests

Your dog’s etiquette around guests is an important part of their well-being and your peace of mind. Some pups get overexcited and jump all over new people upon entry. Or, some dogs might be uncertain of new people and might act from a place of fear. 

When training your dog for guests, remain calm and keep them calm. Encourage your guests to ignore your dog when they enter your home. If your dog gets over-excited, take them to the nearest room and don’t allow them to join guests until they’re calm. If they continue to get over-excited, take them back to a separate room until the message is received. Once they’re relaxed, give them the reward of greeting guests and even offer them a treat! 

Training a Food-Motivated Dog

Food-motivated dogs are ready to snag a yummy treat at any chance they get. This is why they’re particularly easy to train. But, it can be challenging when your furry friend won’t get away from the dinner table!

Train your food-motivated pooch with positive reinforcement. Give them a variety of yummy treats to keep them engaged in the training process. Don’t reprimand unwanted behaviors, but rather, highlight the desirable ones. If your dog is waiting patiently and not begging at the table, give them a tasty reward. This conditions your pup to understand how they should behave around food.

Interacting with Strangers

Some dogs may be stranger-shy. This isn’t always a bad thing. However, it may negatively impact their well-being and the well-being of those around them. This is why it’s important to get your pup accustomed to interactions with strangers every once in a while.

Start slow, and don’t overwhelm your dog. Start by introducing them to new people in a controlled environment, like your home. Then, give them a chance to interact with one stranger in a new place. As time goes on, open them up to more unfamiliar interactions. You can even give new people a treat to offer your dog. Place the treat close to the new person, and allow your dog to approach them in their own time

This one requires patience, love, and a little time. Don’t lose faith and give your dog as much time as they need to open up.

New Puppy Training Tips

These rambunctious little rascals are definitely entertaining. However, they require a ton of time, attention, and care to train. Start training on day one. Reward positive behaviors and avoid encouraging unsavory ones. Maintain a feeding, bedtime, bathroom, and walking routine to keep your pup on a tight schedule. Creating familiar routines with your new puppy will set them up for success. And, don’t forget to load up on chew toys, treats, and cozies!

Find a Dog Trainer That Supports Every Phase of Training

Of course, having a little extra support when training your fur baby is invaluable. Find a dog trainer and dog lover that’s here for every phase of the journey.

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