To celebrate Dogust, a dog happily eats a Get Joy chew while sitting next to its owner.

Dogust: Tips for Planning a Celebration

As dog owners, we want to honor and celebrate our dogs on their birthdays. What if you’re unsure of their birth date because your pooch is a rescue? Dogust is a nationwide celebration, observed on the 1st of August, for shelter dogs. In this guide, Get Joy will help you plan your canine’s birthday celebration. Let’s take a look! 

Tips for Planning a Fun Party for Your Shelter Dog 

Considering hosting an all-inclusive party? Here are five valuable tips so that everyone, including your pooch, has a wonderful time on Dogust: 

  1. Incorporating Dog-Friendly Games. Plan a fun party with dog-friendly activities that are appropriate for humans and dogs. An example is building an obstacle course with barriers, tunnels, and other challenging physical objects. 
  2. Serving Yummy Treats. Offer a variety of treats for everyone. Remember that you can opt to serve healthy treats. Get Joy’s “Freeze Dried Treats” are nutritious dog treats to bring to the celebration. 
  3. Photographing the Party. Often, hosting a party can require one to wear many hats. Not only are you a host, but you have to juggle different responsibilities like serving food and remembering to document the day. Consider bringing in a professional photographer to capture lovely memories of your pet. 
  4. Decorating for Dogust. Throw the best “pawty” with good vibes, yummy treats, and doggy decorations. Make sure to consider any potential safety hazards for your pup. 
  5. Encouraging Safety. Above all, be mindful of safety considerations for attendees as well as your pup. Create a safe environment by planning in advance and using only dog-safe items. 

How to Get Involved at Your Local Dog Shelter 

There are many shelter dogs who are waiting for their forever homes. However, if you are not able to adopt a pet, there are other ways to receive canine companionship and support rescue dogs. If you feel inspired to get involved at your local dog shelter, here are some ideas to consider doing on Dogust. 

  • Volunteer your time. Take the day to volunteer at the shelter. Inquire about any ways that you can be of support to the celebration.  
  • Spread awareness. Tell your friends and loved ones about Dogust. Many people don’t even know about this celebration. Spreading the word via social platforms is a great way to promote dog adoption. 
  • Start a fundraiser. If you want to take support one step further, consider organizing a fundraiser to raise money for rescue dogs. You can also search for fundraisers organized by the shelter and get involved with their efforts. 
  • Donate Resources. Monetary donations will go a long way. Check to see if your local shelter has a fundraiser specific to Dogust that you can donate to. Alternatively, you can donate supplies, like toys, treats, and other soft goods. 
  • Become a Foster Parent. Consider the possibility of becoming a foster parent for a homeless dog. This act of service prepares the dog for their forever home. You can prepare for this commitment by speaking with your local shelter and doing some research. 

High-Quality Dog Food from Get Joy 

At Get Joy, we understand how much joy your canine brings to your life and family. That’s why we have created fresh and healthy meal programs for your beloved doggy. Our mission is to support families through pet wellness and nutrition. 

Get Joy meals are prepared with love and the greatest intention for your dog. Your next Dogust celebration can be spent with the awareness that you are choosing good health for your dog. The greatest gift for your canine is a healthy lifestyle. 

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