A Husky dog stands patiently on a rock next to his owner, who is reaching into a black bag of dog treats for him.

Etiquette to Know When Hiking with Your Dog

What could be better than exploring the outdoors with your best friend? Here are some things you should consider before hitting the trails this summer.

Hiking with a Dog

It is worth noting that though dogs are welcome in many places, there are sometimes rules in certain parks that prohibit dogs. It’s worth checking online ahead of time to make sure an area is dog-friendly. Check out the AllTrails website to search the U.S. for the best trails and parks to hike with a dog.

Additionally, your dog should always wear a collar with your contact information on it or, even better, a smart collar while hiking. In most cases, it is best to leash your dog unless it is an area you’re especially familiar with and does not have heavy foot traffic. 

Even so, it is best to be prepared in the event that your dog should decide to chase a tempting squirrel.

Three Essential Items

Poop and Trash Bags

Hiking with a dog is no different than hiking with your friends. Generally, the prevailing sentiment in natural spaces is to always leave them as you found them. Come prepared to pick up after your dog so you can preserve the area.

Collapsible Bowl and Plenty of Water

Never forget to hydrate! That goes for you and your hiking buddy. Assuming you don’t want to share your water bottle with your lovable though possibly slobbery trail pal, a travel bowl or specialty water bottle is a must-have for outdoor adventures.


Exercising can consume a lot of energy and you may want to stop to replenish along the way. Nothing beats a snack break along a flowing creek or at a well-earned outlook view. Treats are also a great tool for working on recall and trail manners with your dog. Check out Get Joy’s treats for some healthy, high-value options!

What Are You Waiting For?

When you are prepared and safe in the woods, there are many benefits to hiking with a dog. Not only do you both get exercise, but it can also be a good bonding activity and reduce stress levels for you and for them. Spending time outdoors, getting to explore new smells, and burning energy is enriching and will make for a healthy, happy dog.

Need more help in your dog parent journey? Get Joy has your back! Our gut-friendly meal plans, all natural supplement line, and 24/7 health services will help your dog live their best life. Contact us today to get started!

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