A Husky dog sits outside on grass and faces the camera while holding his paw up to high five a human.

Exploring the Mind-Body Connection in Pets

What exactly is the mind-body connection? On a scientific level, it refers to the communication between the body and the brain transmitted through the spinal cord. From a more psycho-social perspective, it refers to how our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, or beliefs impact our physical bodies. 

As more research has been conducted, there is growing evidence that this phenomenon significantly impacts both humans and pets.

The Impact of Negative Emotions on Pet Mind-Body Connection 

The mind-body connection is a hot topic in the world of mental and physical health. Over time, health experts have recognized the importance of the mind on the body and vice versa. While many studies focus on the mind-body connection in humans, the phenomenon also appears to affect our pets. 

A prime example of the mind-body connection occurs when one of our pets dies. If we have multiple pets, the absence of the deceased pet often significantly impacts the other. In many cases, the living animal will stop eating and show signs of anxiety, depression, and grief. This may look like persistent crying sounds, a lack of motivation to walk or exercise, or a lack of interest in things they once loved. 

Unfortunately, these mental and emotional symptoms can lead to chronic or potentially health conditions in a short amount of time. Thus, this is a prime example of how the mind profoundly impacts the body. 

The Impact of Positive Emotions on Pet Health 

While plenty of evidence points to the impact of negative emotions, positive emotions also play a big role in pet health. Studies looking at a disorder in dogs called canine bloat seem to support this theory. 

Canine bloat is a disorder that occurs when a dog’s stomach fills with air. In these studies, canine bloat was 78% less likely to occur for dogs that were categorized as “happy.” Happiness was determined using questionnaires and physical observation. 

While this is not definitive proof that positive emotions improve physical health, it shows an interesting correlation. 

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