Fresh dog food in a small bag and some in a scooper with a dog below, waiting for the dog food.

Fresh Dog Food Meal Options: Why Your Dog Will Love Them

Wanting the absolute best for our fur babies is natural. Similarly to humans, gut health is also vital for our pups. Fresh dog food is the way to go for a healthy, nutritious daily diet. Yes, traditional kibble is widely available and convenient. But the benefits of feeding your furry friend fresh, whole ingredients are totally worth it.

We’ve got you covered if you’re new to fresh dog food. Here’s what you need to know about the details and benefits of this diet.

Freeze-Dried Dog Food: The Essentials

It’s true – diet is everything for overall health and well-being. Freeze-dried dog food is a tried and true way to feed your pup high-quality ingredients. This food is popular among paw parents and contains fresh ingredients such as meat, vitamins, and vegetables. 

Freeze-dried food is also shelf-stable, which is helpful for families on the go that don’t have time to prepare fresh meals daily. Easily store it in the pantry without worrying about spoiling. 

Most pertinently, the health benefits of a fresh food diet are outstanding. Fresh ingredients are rich in vitamins, protein, and nutrients our furry friends need to thrive. They’re also free of additives and preservatives found in standard kibble brands. 

With fresh food, you can feed your pup with confidence and ease. Consider these additional benefits.

Improved Digestion

Fresh food is easier for dogs to digest than processed kibble. This reduces uncomfortable digestive issues, such as gas, bloating, and diarrhea.

Healthy Skin

Nutritious meals will also help maintain your pup’s shiny, beautiful coat. Vitamins in fresh food improve your dog’s overall health, leading to a more lustrous coat and healthier skin

Boosted Energy

A nutrient-rich diet will provide your pup with more energy. This leads to increased exercise and activity, thus giving your furry friend a healthier, happier life.

Dog Food Toppers: Details and More

So, what are dog food toppers? 

Dog food toppers are great options for pet owners looking to feed their pups something fresh. They can be made from fresh meat, fruit, and vegetables and added to your dog’s kibble. Toppers can even be your pup’s favorite treat! These have the potential to boost nutritional value overall. Luckily, you can use Get Joy’s fresh meals, freeze-dried meals, and freeze-dried treats as a topper! 

Moreover, toppers are a great option if you want to switch to an entirely new diet. It’s a way to introduce fresh ingredients into your dog’s diet slowly. This will mitigate stomach upsets while getting your pup used to new flavors and consistencies.

Lastly, dog food toppers will add a little jazz to your pup’s diet. They provide much-needed variety because dogs can get bored with always having the same kibble.  With a tasty topper, mealtime can be an exciting adventure. Not to mention, your dog will have a broader range of nutrients they may not get from regular kibble.

Ready to Invest in a Fresh Food Diet?

Many kinds of dog meals can be suitable for your dog. But there’s no denying that a fresh meal is the best option for a wholesome, nutritious, and delectable diet. Whether you choose freeze-dried dog food, dog food toppers, or a combination, your dog will love it. Not to mention, you’re sure to see a difference in your pup’s overall health and vibrancy!

Ready to make the switch to fresh dog food? You’re in luck! Here at Get Joy, we specialize in improving families’ lives through pet health and nutrition. We prioritize your pup’s gut health and protein intake – our food has “no junk, only good stuff” ingredients. Not to mention, we know that food can indeed be medicine.

We’ll help you transform the meaning of wellness for your furry friend. Our variety of fresh meals, freeze-dried meals, freeze-dried treats, and chews will blow your mind. We know you will love it – so get started today!