Two puppy parents potty train their small dog outside on a patch of green grass.

From Accidents to Mastery: Navigating Puppy Potty Training with Grace

Teaching your new puppy to understand that they need to go outside to use the bathroom is challenging. Additionally, it is difficult to teach them how to communicate their need to go before it's too late. Luckily, there are some tips that can make the process easier and more fun for you both.

3 Helpful Tips for a Seamless Training Process

Take Them Outside Consistently and Often

Puppies have to use the bathroom more frequently than adult dogs. So, staying on top of taking them outside regularly is a good starting point for keeping them from going inside the house.

If dogs learn to expect consistent outings, they will understand that outside is where the potty is. As they grasp this concept more and more, they will be more likely to wait for those outings rather than go in the house.

Use Positive Reinforcement

You should never harshly discipline your dog for using the bathroom in the house. This risks damaging the relationship you have with your dog. Moreover, it can also create negative associations with you or with going to the bathroom more generally.

Instead, redirect their behavior by taking them outside immediately any time they go inside. Then, use a consistent cue word like outside or potty to associate that behavior with a command they will grow to understand.

You should also consistently reward your dog whenever they use the bathroom outside. When they do the right thing, let them know! This will help them quickly understand what the desired behavior you are looking for is and teach them to repeat the behavior. 

Learn to Recognize “The Signs”

Training a puppy is, above all else, learning to communicate with your dog. By taking them outside often, using a cue word, and rewarding their behavior, you can successfully communicate what you want them to do. However, the other piece of potty training is learning to recognize when your dog is trying to communicate with you.

Puppies who are still potty training might start to pace around and whine or make other bids for your attention. They may also have identified a certain area of your house as their designated potty spot. If you see them heading that way or observe that they seem restless, take them outside immediately. Ultimately, preempting their behavior is a key component of potty training a puppy.

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