Get Joy Joins Sierra Delta and Punts for Pups

Get Joy Joins Sierra Delta and Punts for Pups

September 9, 2021 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers punter Bradley Pinion is partnering with Sierra Delta and dog wellness company Get Joy. The goal is to assist United States veterans with dog adoption and training expenses during the 2021 NFL season. Bradley and his wife Kaeleigh, started Punts for Pups in 2019 to inspire dog adoption in their community. They do this by covering fees at the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center.

This season, Sierra Delta will connect 30 veterans to dogs from local shelters through their Life Buddy Wellness Program. Get Joy will also allocate $500 training scholarships to 30 veterans to cover basic training for their Life Buddies. The Pinion’s will continue their partnership with the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center. Moreover, they will continue to donate to veterans adopting rescue dogs through Sierra Delta’s Life Buddy Wellness Program.

Statement from Buccaneers punter Bradley Pinion:

“Kaeleigh and I are excited to partner with Sierra Delta and Get Joy to further our goal of getting as many shelter dogs into loving homes as possible. Being able to provide a companion for a veteran and a home for a shelter dog is an idea we wholeheartedly support. Having 3 of our 4 dogs come from shelters/rescues we know first-hand the impact the dog can have on a family and the impact a family can have on a dog. We look forward to seeing the impact that this partnership will have!” 

Statement from Tom Arrix, Founder & CEO of Get Joy:

“We are so honored to a part of Punts for Pups this season. Our mission is to unleash wellness for dogs and hopefully people, through fresh, wholesome, nutrition. These amazing, unconditionally loving animals are so important to the lives of our veterans, keeping them healthy, should be our collective responsibility.”

Statement from BJ Ganem, Founder & CEO of Sierra Delta:

“Dogs and Humans have been working together for 35,000 years and the benefits of this relationship are well documented. The mission of Sierra Delta's Life Buddy program is to provide a sustainable wellness program to our military veterans that allows for more veterans and more dogs to benefit from this proven and special relationship. We are proud to partner with Bradley and Kaeleigh Pinion as well as Get Joy in the Punts for Pups initiative to provide more veterans and more rescue dogs the opportunity to achieve better wellness together for life." 

About Get Joy:

Get Joy is fresh food with purpose, focusing on wellness and prevention for your dog. Get Joy believes there is a direct correlation between the quality of our food and the quality of our lives. Nutrition helps treat and prevent disease, just like diet and exercise. Both are paramount to overall health and longevity of life for both people and pets. Get Joy offers fresh, simple, human grade full meals, fresh toppers or mix-ins. Also check out our newly launched Fresh Freeze-Dried Raw meals, Freeze Dried Organ Treats, and chews. All products are available through the Get Joy website at

About Sierra Delta:

Sierra Delta is a National 501(c)3 Charity working to provide ALL military veterans with education, support, and resources to empower ALL military veterans. In short, they provide access to the dog training that best meets their individual needs and lifestyle. They strive to include access to a medical assistance service dog through the innovative Life Buddy Wellness program.

The Life Buddy Wellness program offers ALL veterans a free digital platform to access education in caring for and communicating with their dog. Additionally, they provide resources about grants that allow professional dog trainers to help ALL veterans achieve Good Canine Citizenship are available too. They also offer those veterans who need a medical assistance service dog access to academies providing these specialized dogs.

Sierra Delta offers a robust and engage community of support to ALL military veterans. They use their variety of dogs to encourage better wellness through various dog training and dog therapies. Visit to learn more.