A dog and its owner sit on a stoop surrounded by pumpkins while wearing white sheets, pretending to be a Halloween ghost costume.

Halloween Costumes for the Pup-Parent Duo

This Halloween, plan a paw-some pup-parent costume duo! Get Joy can help with tips, ideas, and inspiration to plan your Halloween costumes this year. Let’s dive in.

Tips for Planning Dog Halloween Costumes 

Make costume-wearing a pleasant experience for your dog with these tips in mind. 

Safety Checks

Do a safety check before purchasing the costume. Ensure that the costume is safe, comfortable, and nonrestrictive for your dog. Additionally, look for non-toxic and breathable materials in costumes. 

Weather Appropriate Gear

Select a costume that’s appropriate for the weather. Since every region has different weather in October, avoid heavy costumes that may cause heat exhaustion. Always supervise your dog when putting a costume on them.

Signs of Stress 

Be mindful of any signs of stress in your furball. An ill-fitting or uncomfortable costume may cause your dog to feel anxious. 

Moreover, costumes that interfere with your dog’s hearing, breathing, sight, or mouth are safety hazards. 

Choking Hazards

Avoid costumes with lots of buttons, embellishments, or any attachments that your dog can pull on or chew. This can place your dog at risk of choking

Trial Run

Once you select a costume, have a trial run before Halloween. This will allow you to gauge whether your dog feels comfortable in the costume. 

If your dog appears distressed, aggressive, or behaving abnormally, it’s best to avoid the costume altogether. 

Dog and Owner Halloween Costumes

Make Howl-o-ween extra special with these dog and owner Halloween costume ideas! 

  • A creative DIY S’mores costume. This homemade costume idea is easy to pull off! Dress your dog as a marshmallow while you and another family member dress as Hershey’s chocolate and a Graham cracker. To make the marshmallow, use a king-size pillow to wrap around your dog with tape and velcro. For more inspiration with this costume idea, get the tutorial here
  • Embrace country living by playing dress-up. You’ll only need a few accessories for this Cowgirl and Cowboy costume duo. Simply tie a red bandana loosely around your dog’s neck to play the cowboy role. For your cowgirl outfit, a classic pair of denim paired with a plaid shirt will absolutely create a timeless look!
  • Whip up this Puppuccino and Barista DIY costume in no time before the Spooktacular day! All you’ll need for your barista outfit is a green apron and cap. Use a black card stock to create your name tag and attach it to your apron. Top off the look with a Starbucks logo printout. Then, dress up your pooch in a Puppuccino outfit using cardboard and white felt. For extra cuteness, create a whipped cream headband made from ribbon, poster board, Poly-fil, and a green straw. 
  • Reflect your super-powers by dressing up as a superhero and his sidekick. Choose your dog’s caped persona by using a piece of fabric to turn him into a classic superhero. Tie the fabric loosely and comfortably around his neck, ensuring that no safety hazards are present. 
  • Buy a few accessories for this Chef, Butter, and Lobster family costume if you have two furry friends. All that you’re going to need is a chef outfit, a lobster costume for one dog, and a homemade butter costume for your second dog. To create the homemade butter costume, simply save a cardboard box to create a DIY butter accessory. Then, adjust it to fit over the harness on your dog’s leash and voila!

Tips and Treats from Get Joy 

This spooky season, treat your furry best friend to Get Joy’s freeze-dried Treats or gain behavior and training advice via our health services. Create a memorable holiday by including your dog’s preferences and needs in the festivities. 

Ready to get started? One of our care team members is happy to help!

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