A small fluffy dog sits outside on stone steps and poses next to a black bag of Get Joy's dog treats.

Heart-Healthy Habits for Your Canine Companion

Curious what you can do to take care of your dog’s heart health? Some dogs are more susceptible to heart problems than others, making pet wellness a top priority for dog owners, regardless of breed.

Here’s how you can help your dog develop lasting healthy heart habits and improve their quality of life.

Getting Started with Pet Wellness Care

Here are a few small but significant steps you can take to improve your dog’s heart health with time and consistency.

Add Cardio Often

Encourage frequent cardio exercise for your dog; at least one walk a day is ideal. Other forms of cardio include running, swimming, and hiking. Cardio exercise reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, helps with weight management and mental health, and even reduces stress. 

Use Preventative Measures

Keep up with your dog’s annual check-ups so your veterinarian can determine if any heart-related issues are occurring. You should also be using heartworm, flea, and tick preventatives, as they are effective at preventing any illness that may cause stress to your dog’s heart.

Prioritize Dental Care

Oral care impacts your dog’s entire body. Unfortunately, neglecting gums can lead to gingivitis and other dental diseases. If left untreated, many diseases can feed bacteria into the bloodstream, which impacts the heart and other vital organs.

Maintain Breed Awareness

Some dog breeds, particularly large dogs, are more susceptible to heart issues than others. Do your research about your dog’s breed and learn as much as possible about the health conditions their breed may be at risk of.

Optimize Heart Health with Tasty Treats

Beef hearts for dogs are a rich source of B vitamins, collagen, omega-3 fatty acids, taurine, and iron. Taurine supports your dog’s heart strength and blood flow. Our freeze-dried beef heart treats are healthy, delicious, and are the perfect superfood.

Committing to Pet Wellness Plans

Creating wellness plans for dogs is easy, but sticking to them takes commitment.

Habit-stacking is a great way to build consistency in new habits. To do this, you simply pair the desired behavior or action with something you already do. For example, start brushing your own dog’s teeth after you brush your own to ensure you prioritize their oral health.

If you typically let your dog out to play when you get home from work, start going outside with them and playing fetch for a few minutes. Over time, these small acts will become routine for you (and your dog!) to promote better health.

Take Care of Your Dog’s Heart and Health

Heart-healthy habits take time to develop, but with consistency and patience, you’ll start to see improvements in your dog’s health. Get Joy is here to help. Schedule virtual vet services and get your questions answered today.