A dog and its owner pose wearing sunglasses, demonstrating heatwave safety.

Hot Pavement, Cool Paws: Essential Heat Wave Safety Tips for Your Furry Friend

If bringing your furry friend along for the summer festivities is a must, heatwave safety tips will make your adventures that much better. In fact, preparing for a heatwave or abnormally high temperatures could actually save your pet from an unwanted heatstroke. 

And while the topic may seem scary, preparing yourself will ensure you know how to handle the heat and keep your dog cool in a heat emergency. Here are 4 heat wave safety tips to carry with you this summer.

Why You Should Learn Dog Friendly Heat Wave Safety Tips

Heatwave safety tips are extremely valuable for summertime fun. Because, unlike humans, staying cool is a bit different for dogs. In fact, dog coats are actually designed to insulate and retain body heat. And on top of that, dogs don’t have sweat glands like we do. 

Instead, dogs cool their bodies through their paw pads and panting through their mouths. This means they work harder to keep cool during high temperatures and can easily experience damaging or possibly fatal heat stroke without adequate cooling. All of this makes taking action against summer heat waves incredibly important for dog owners.

4 Tips For Dog Heat Wave Safety

Now that you know how crucial heatwave tips are, we’re here to provide you with 4 heatwave safety tips for this summer. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Keep Fresh Cool Water Available

Providing your dog with fresh water will help them stay hydrated during a heat wave. Dehydration typically occurs when the body loses more water than it consumes, making hydration crucial during high temperatures. 

2. Carry A Battery Operated Fan With You

While on the go this summer, bring along a battery-operated fan. Portable fans can easily be clipped to a park bench or tent site if you’re camping or at a park on your summer adventure. 

3. Purchase A Spray Bottle

If you’re out and about this summer and your dog suddenly becomes too hot, make sure you have a spray bottle handy. This way, you can spray the bottom of their stomach, paws, and mouth to aid in cooling. 

4. Purchase A Kiddie Pool

For days spent at home, purchase a kiddie pool to put in the backyard on hot days. This will provide your dog with a cool place to relax when temperatures get too high while relaxing at home.

Signs of Heatstroke in Dogs

In the event that you’re unable to protect your dog from heat or an unexpected heatwave takes place, your dog may experience a heatstroke. Here are some signs that indicate heatstroke in dogs. 

  • Unusual breathing or panting
  • A rectal temperature of 103 degrees Fahrenheit or higher
  • Excessive thirst or dehydration
  • Weakness, fatigue, disorientation, or lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Skin elasticity is weak and does not spring back to the body quickly
  • Thick saliva or drooling
  • Heavy heartbeat

While each dog may have different symptoms, these are among the most common symptoms of heatstroke your dog could experience. To protect your dog from heatstroke, be mindful of their behavior and monitor their symptoms during high temperatures. 

In the event that your dog shows signs of these symptoms, keep your dog cool and contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. 

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