A senior dog , with brown fur, staring back at the camera.

How to Care for a Senior Dog

Pet parents want to ensure their furry friends are happy and healthy throughout their lives. When caring for senior dogs, you’ll want some extra tender loving care. There are a few need-to-knows to keep in mind for a gracefully aging pooch. So, here’s what you need to know about caring for your sweet senior dog.

Senior Dog Food and More

For your aging paw-tner in crime, there are some crucial things to note. Consider these tips, such as senior dog food and more, to ensure a comfortable life for your pup!

Get Regular Checkups

Like humans, dogs become more prone to health issues as they age. Regular checkups and following vet recommendations for health will ensure your dog’s appropriate care.

Food & Diet

Nutrition needs will shift as your dog becomes a senior. Meaning, your doggo requires a different diet from when they were younger. Older dogs have a slower metabolism and need food with more protein and immune system support.

High-quality dog food brands usually offer formulas specifically for senior dogs. Choose brands that contain incredible protein sources, whole grains, and nutrient-rich foods. Here at Get Joy, we offer a wide range of top-of-the-line treats and meals you'll want to take advantage of.  

Lastly, consult your vet if you also need added supplements, and avoid brands with fillers, preservatives, and additives. 

Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy and happy dog is a dog who regularly gets their energy out. Regular exercise is essential and becomes even more critical as dogs age. Though senior dogs likely can’t run and play like they used to, short walks and gentle playtime will keep them active. 

This will also allow you to monitor your senior dog’s weight, enabling you to track their health more precisely. 

Extra T.L.C

Of course, things like exercise and diet are of the utmost importance. But what older dogs really want is extra care, love, and attention. When a dog is in a family for a long time, they typically become attached to their owners. Spend more quality time with your pooch to keep them happy and provide some needed mental stimulation.

Pro tip: provide your pup with comfortable bedding. They’re usually more sleepy and take extra naps throughout the day. A softer bed will cushion their joints. Pay attention to whether or not your dog has trouble getting up and down from their bed. If so, try out a raised bed or a lower bed, depending on their needs.  

Volunteer at a Senior Dog Rescue

Volunteering at a senior dog rescue can be a fulfilling, rewarding experience. It could even assist you in receiving tips from rescue professionals about giving your dog the most healthy lifestyle. 

Moreover, showing love to some senior dogs will warm your heart and give you a new appreciation for these lovebugs. Here are some top reasons to volunteer at your local rescue:

  • Make a differenceSenior dogs usually have difficulty finding new homes, so by volunteering at a rescue, you’re helping to care for and socialize these dogs.

  • Learning about unique needs: Older dogs have different needs than younger dogs. Volunteering will help you learn how to cater to your aging pup!
  • Gaining experience: Working with aging dogs will provide valuable experience with animal care and make you more compassionate in the process.
  • Meet like-minded people: Having a community with shared values is great. Volunteer to meet people who love senior dogs just as much as you do!

Give Your Aging Pet a High-Quality Lifestyle!

Caring for senior dogs is all about giving them equal parts to a healthy lifestyle and extra love and attention. Your pup will age gracefully with regular vet visits, exercise, care, and a healthy diet. Go the extra mile; you’ll help your furry friend fully enjoy their golden years.

Here at Get Joy, we’re passionate about providing dogs with the highest quality food and service. Reach out to us to get started today!