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How Your Dog Can Get a Lifetime of Happy Hips and Agile Paws

Regardless of breed or size, many dogs experience joint mobility issues, arthritis, pain, and stiffness as they age. Often seen in the paws, hips, and knees, mobility issues are difficult for dogs to navigate and challenging for owners to know how to provide the best care. 

If you notice your aging dog slowing down or having more difficulty getting around, diet and joint supplements can lead to significant improvements. If your dog is still young but you want to take the steps now to slow his aging, preventative care can make a world of difference!

Promoting Healthy Joint Mobility

What starts as joint stiffness or soreness can become debilitating and painful, particularly for aging dogs who move slower or aren’t as active. Here are a few approaches you can take to prevent joint problems or slow their progression:  

  • Keep your dog at a healthy weight
  • Regular low-impact exercise, like long walks
  • Avoid high-impact activities like jumping or ball-chasing
  • Add joint supplements to their diet

How Nutrition Can Help Joint Mobility for Dogs

Curious about what the best dog food for joint mobility will provide your canine companion? Between a well-balanced diet of fresh or freeze-dried meals and science-backed supplements, chronic inflammation and arthritis can be significantly reduced in your dog’s hips, paws, and joints. 

By adding ingredients and foods that are naturally anti-inflammatory to your dog’s diet, they will enjoy the ample benefits of these natural sources. A preventive support joint supplement like Get Joy’s Joint+ is an effective daily chew containing proven ingredients that promote joint flexibility and mobility, connective tissue function, cartilage maintenance, bone density, and healthy antioxidant levels. 

Joint+ contains beneficial ingredients including Glucosamine HCI, Betaine, two forms of calcium, egg membrane collagen, ginger root extract, and green-lipped mussel. All these ingredients contain natural compounds, vitamins, and minerals that are scientifically proven to support joint health, reduce inflammation, and promote cartilage growth in dogs. 

Support Your Dog’s Mobility at Any Age with Get Joy. 

Questions about how you should be supporting your dog’s mobility at any age? Schedule a virtual appointment with a licensed professional using our telehealth services. 

Ready to support your dog’s joints, mobility, and overall happiness? Explore the Joint+ supplement today!

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