Get Joy Profile: Charlie Hannigan and Brady

Get Joy Profile: Charlie Hannigan and Brady

What makes a healthy 2 ½ year old Golden Retriever even happier? Frankly it is hard to imagine that anything will. Just ask Charlie Hannigan.

When the Hannigan’s brought Brady home from the breeder, there weren’t many things he didn’t like. Chewing, playing, swimming, chasing balls, destroying balls. Brady’s enthusiasm for people, other dogs, and pretty much everything he sees is absolutely infectious. He loves to chew, so he always has a toy or a stick nearby, and he loves to jump into water whenever he sees it.

Even though Brady has grown normally and is always full of energy, one thing that he hasn’t been 100% enthusiastic about has been his food. Brady had been eating premium kibble from another brand, sometimes his bowl was left unfinished. Sometimes he’d look at the pile of kibble at the bottom of the bowl and look back up at his family as if to say, “this is it?”.


Charlie decided to look around for a better tasting food for Brady. As he researched, he discovered that fresh food made from the best ingredients would likely taste better, but more importantly, help Brady live a longer, happier life. “It was about both taste and balanced nutrition.” 

Brady has been eating Get Joy Turkey recipe for about 8 weeks now, and the verdict is as great as the Hannigan’s could’ve hoped. “Brady would eat as much of it as we put in front of him!” explains Charlie. “Now it seems mealtime is the highlight of his day, and he keeps licking the bowl after he’s eaten.” But with a vet-designed meal plan (and portions), Get Joy Turkey recipe has also helped the Hannigan’s manage Brady’s weight and overall wellness. “Brady has lost a few pounds since he started eating Get Joy, and his coat looks a little shinier. But I think he just seems to be a little happier overall. Certainly at mealtime.”


With such great results, Charlie isn’t shy about telling people about Get Joy. “We feel great about feeding Get Joy because it’s balanced, natural, and will help him lead a longer life. He loves it, and it shows. When he ate kibble, it wasn’t always his favorite.”

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