Large Dog Breeds: How to Keep an Eye on Health and Wellness

Large Dog Breeds: How to Keep an Eye on Health and Wellness

No matter the size, our four-legged friends have a way of wriggling into our hearts and staying there. We all want to keep our dogs happy and healthy throughout their lifespan. When it comes to large dog breeds there are different health considerations to keep in mind. Their joints, hearts, and other systems get more stress than smaller dogs. It’s important to keep an eye on their health and wellness to ensure their quality of life. 

Health Needs of Medium to Large Dog Breeds

Medium to large dog breeds like retrievers and shepherds are more prone to orthopedic disorders, hip dysplasia, and knee injuries. It is important to take your dog to the vet regularly to help treat or prevent these issues. 

Proper nutrition is essential for your large furry friends. It helps avoid obesity and resulting arthritis that can lower their quality of life. When feeding your dog, ensure that the food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels of large-size dogs. 

As they age, their needs will change but the need for good exercise and mental stimulation will stay the same. Make sure they are getting daily walks or playtime and challenge them mentally with puzzles or training. 

Health Needs of Extra Large Dog Breeds

Extra large dog breeds like Great Danes and mastiffs are prone to bloat, joint disease, and osteosarcoma. Joint disease is difficult to notice at first but lameness, limping, and difficulty standing are good indicators it is time to see the vet. 

Proper nutrition will help support their joint health. If you are concerned about meeting their nutritional needs, ask your veterinarian about supplements to ensure proper joint support. As always, make sure the food is formulated for a large dog’s nutritional needs. 

These dogs also need lots of good exercises and mental stimulation. Some can become destructive or anxious if not given the care they need each day. 

Freeze Dried Beef Treats for Optimal Performance 

Get Joy’s Freeze Dried Beef Treats are designed to optimize the health of your dog’s organs. They are just one ingredient and high in protein with exceptional nutritional qualities. Rotate flavors to ensure your dog’s system is running like a fine tuned machine. 

Beef Liver: May aid with tendon & ligament problems, jaundice and emotional stress.

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Beef Heart: May aid with cardiac issues, anxiety & depression and behavioral issues. 

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