Let’s Celebrate Our Pets at Work!

Let’s Celebrate Our Pets at Work!

Few things put a smile on people’s faces like the greeting of a happy dog. Here at Get Joy, our dogs are the reason we started this company and our inspiration every day. So here are two of our favorite things, dogs bringing joy to the good folks at the office, and dogs eating Get Joy at the office! Spread a little pet love today!

If you’re one of the lucky folks who get to bring your dog to work daily, we’d love to see images of your canine companion at the office. Tag us, @getjoyfood, and we’ll share it with the world.

Tips for Bringing Your Pet Love to Work

If you are bringing your dog to work for the first time, here are a few tips:

- Firstly, make sure your company allows it.

- Check with co-workers, particularly for allergy issues. Not everyone appreciates our furry friends.

- Take them out to walk, pee, and mark their territory frequently. Typically, folks don’t love it when they do these things on the office plants.

- Bring something familiar from home. This generally will help calm them.

- Have water ready.

- Be ready for distractions. If your coworkers are anything like us, they’ll stop by to greet your dog every few minutes, if not seconds.

But hey, the human work environment doesn't work for all dogs. If yours needs a few pointers, maybe this is a chance to take them to some training classes. It’s shared work that will benefit both of you!

However you decide to celebrate National Take Your Dog to Work Day, enjoy every minute.

Thanks for sharing the Joy!