An owner smiles and holds her dog, who is wearing Get Joy's Whistle X Smart Collar.

May is Chip Your Pet Month – Try Get Joy's X Whistle Smart Collar for Dogs!

Did you know May is Chip Your Pet Month? There’s no better time to learn about microchipping your dog! As much as we love them, dogs tend to wander off when given the opportunity. To improve your chances of locating your dog should this happen, microchipping and utilizing a smart collar for dogs is the most effective approach. 

If you are new to the idea of a smart dog collar, this post will provide some insight into the benefits of this technology and how it helps families reunite with their lost pets. 

Why You Need a Smart Dog Collar for Your Dog

With over 10 million pets going missing each year, it’s no wonder why so many families opt for a smart dog collar to keep track of their wandering family members. 

In addition to microchipping, smart collars can provide a wealth of information, data, and insights about your dog. Smart dog collars not only track your dog’s location, but they also provide valuable metrics about your dog’s activity levels, general health, digestion, skin allergies, and more. 

Introducing Get Joy X Whistle Smart Collar 

Maybe your dog loves to wander off or he has anxiety that causes him to escape—there are so many benefits to investing in a smart collar. Your peace of mind, for one! 

Families can relax knowing that should their dog get out, the Get Joy X Whistle Smart Collar will effectively locate their dog and send escape notifications via the mobile app to a smartphone. Location monitoring is active 24/7 so you’ll never have to wonder where your dog is. 

Get Joy’s X Whistle Smart Collar goes above and beyond a traditional smart collar to provide important health data about your canine companion. 

These metrics include:

  • Food intake for weight management 
  • Digestive health through a poop scan
  • Scratch monitoring for allergy management 

Owners can also set up an individualized wellness plan to monitor their dog’s health, prevent behavioral problems, and reduce the risk of health issues and conditions like obesity. 

Protect Your Dog’s Safety, Health & Wellness with Get Joy X Whistle Smart Collar 

Loving and caring for your canine family members takes commitment and hard work, and Get Joy is focused on making it easier. 

That’s why we’ve created fresh and freeze-dried meals for a wholesome, nutritious diet, resources, and education for pet parents on our blog, and the Get Joy X Whistle Smart Collar for safety and health management. We’re here to support pet families in any way we can!

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