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Mind, Body, Bark: Holistic Health Tips for Spring Holistic Health

What is holistic health for animals? Holistic care of any kind takes into account a person's—or in this case, a dog’s—entire lifestyle to treat illness from the ground up. Nutrition, in particular, is a fantastic place to start prioritizing your dog’s health. For dogs, incredible benefits come from a holistic gut health focus. 

For people who live a holistic lifestyle, it’s natural to want to include their dogs in those practices of well-being, too. Let’s explore some simple tips you can use on your dogs for their holistic health.

3 Holistic Health Tips for Dogs

1. Wholesome Nutrition

Perhaps the most obvious holistic health tip is the quality of food you feed your dog. Wholesome nutrition for dogs involves brands with formulas crafted by experts that include high-quality and gut-friendly ingredients. Essential nutrients for dogs contain an adequate mix of vegetables, fats, carbohydrates, lean proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Portion control is also important.

Dogs thrive from routine so establishing the right diet for your dog also includes regular times. Keep in mind nutrition also plays a big role in your dog’s condition of skin and fur and overall quality of life. Check out our Fresh Freeze Dried Meals, an animal nutritionist recipe that takes care of all your dog's wellness needs.

2. Massage

Have you ever gotten a massage that replenishes your body and mind while deeply relaxing your whole system and spirit? If you have, you know firsthand the healing benefits a good massage brings. You can give this to your dog, too, so they can experience the deep relaxation that comes with a soothing touch targeted at specific points.

Massaging your dog can even alleviate dog anxiety when they encounter any stressful situation. Learn how to give your dog a healing massage through the American Kennel Club

3. Be Cautious with Shampooing

We know it can be tempting to bathe your dog often—especially if your dog is always getting dirty outside. Shampoo baths can be rough on a dog’s skin, though. So, for their skin and coat health, consider using a moisturizing shampoo. Investing in a good one can prevent rashes, shedding, and other skin issues. The key here is that less is more—quality over quantity.

Set Your Dog Up with Excellent Holistic Nutritional Care With Get Joy

At Get Joy, our mission is to create a world where we prioritize dog wellness just as much as human wellness. That includes mind, body, and spirit! This is why our focus is on the highest quality nutrition possible. Our team consists of licensed vet experts who can help. If you’d like to start your dog on their wellness journey, all you need to do is create a profile and ask away. Book your free session here!

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