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Must Have Toys for Your Dog's Birthday Party

Fun festivities and gifts aren’t just for the kids. When dogs become family, they deserve all the birthday love as well. But getting a dog birthday right looks slightly different than your average birthday party. So Get Joy is here to help you plan your gift ideas!

We also have a variety of delicious treats your dog can enjoy on their special day. When it comes to spoiling your pooch, we’ve got all the fun tips and tricks you need. Here’s how to ace your pup’s birthday this year.

The Top Dog Birthday Party Tips 

Anyone who loves their dog knows how easy it is to spoil them. This is why hosting a dog birthday party for your furry friend is the best way to show your love. Try these tips out when planning your dog’s upcoming birthday party.

  • Pick A Location: If you have an enclosed backyard, this is the perfect place to throw a birthday party for your dog. If not, check out the local park and narrow down a spot that feels safe for dogs to run around and play. 
  • Invite A Pawsome Crew: Dogs are just like us. All they need to have fun is their friends! Get a group of dog friends together to help celebrate your pup this year. The more, the merrier!
  • Create Activities: Make this day extra special by incorporating a theme or a fun activity. If the weather is nice, you can fill up a kiddie pool or set up a sprinkler. Or you can even have a treat-eating contest with extra special dog desserts!

Dog Birthday Treats To Try

Making your dog’s birthday extra sweet is easy with dog birthday treats! Check out these amazing dog birthday treats you can bring to this year's celebration.

12 Inch Beef Bully Stick: If your dog loves to chew, this is the treat for them. This Get Joy Beef Bully Stick is a fresh, natural beef muscle chew that comes in packs of 1, 3, and 5. Purchase a 5 pack for the birthday festivities for every pup to enjoy!

Get Joy Beef Heart Treats: If you’re looking to put some extra pep in your dog’s step for their birthday, try the Get Joy Beef Heart Treats. Beef heart is filled with B vitamins, iron, and essential amino acids that build muscle and elevate endurance. Your dog will love these nourishing birthday beef bites!

Must Have Birthday Toys

Giving your dog a toy on their birthday is sure to bring a smile to your face. Here are some must-have birthday toys for your dog’s special day.

  1. Chuckit! For Water Fun: The Chuckit! Fetch Kit is the perfect waterproof frisbee and ball set to bring to the party. Try it out with a sprinkler set for waterproof fun at your dog’s party.
  1. Mammoth Cottonblend Rope: Incorporate this Mammoth Cottonblend Rope into the birthday festivities by having a tug of war with your dog! This birthday toy will bring added fun to the party.
  1. Ethical Pet Treat Ball: Make your dog’s new toy filled with activity. Fill the Ethical Pet Treat Ball with treats to stimulate your dog’s mind and nourish its body on their birthday!
  1. Kong CuteSeas Octopus: If your dog likes to chew, kong toys are made with added durability. Try this Kong CuteSeas Octopus so your dog can chew to their heart’s content on their special day. 

Fresh Dog Food With Get Joy

As dog owners, we have the power to ensure our dogs are healthy and ready to celebrate another year. Give your dog the gift of good health for years to come with a custom Meal Plan from Get Joy. With our fresh, nutrient-dense ingredients, your dog’s health will thrive with each new year.