National Survey: We're Taking Our Dog's Along at Get Joy

National Survey: We're Taking Our Dog's Along at Get Joy

The past year of the pandemic has seen an explosion in dog ownership and the amount of time we get to spend with our pets. As we rejoin the public world, what does that mean for our dogs? Do we leave them behind? Of course not. 

Our suspicion was that dogs had taken on even greater importance during quarantine, and that we would see increased demand for services and activities that allowed us to get more joy with our dogs. So we did a survey, and we were right!

Bring Your Dog to Work Day Every Day?

People want to bring their dogs out into the world and find joy together! To meet these needs, we’re introducing a new, adventure-ready FRESH FREEZE-DRIED™ dog food innovation to bridge the nutritional prerequisites of dog happiness (gut health) and the emotional joy they get from being with their people.

To take it a step further, we’re advocating for a more dog-friendly world by creating a dog-inclusive summer destination with our partners at Cisco Brewery on Nantucket Island, and celebrating our furry best friends as  Dog cover models on their own magazines with Instagram filters. Who’s a very good boy? We can’t wait to see pictures of your pups enjoying adventures with you or on the cover of Pupple magazine. 

Dogs are important to us and clearly they’re important to you too. Guess what our national survey reveals?

Get Joy Survey Highlights

The post-Covid Pandemic pet reality

  • 34% of dog owners say they think about their dog’s happiness or joy all the time and are a little obsessed about it 
  • 68% of dog owners say their companionship with their dog has increased during the pandemic as compared to before
  • Right now, 28% of consumers say their dog comes with them anywhere they go
  • 81% say they include their dog all or most of the time when they are experiencing joyful things in life 

Pet Ownership During the Pandemic

In fact, as a result of the pandemic, 82% agree that they want to bring their dog more places now and 80% don’t leave their dog home as much as they used to. When they think about the things they want to do post-pandemic, 51% of dog owners say they would absolutely include their dog in the first things they do.

  • 45.4% of people want to bring their dogs to indoor restaurants
  • 34.75% of people want to bring their dogs shopping with them
  • 48% of people don’t bring their dogs to the movies with them because it’s not pet friendly, but would like to if they could

People plan to include their dogs in more activities...

  • 68.78% of dog owners frequently include their dogs in hiking
  • 84.49% include their dogs on long walks to some extent
  • 81.27% bring their dogs to the park to some extent
  • 31% of dog owners bring their dogs to the movies to some extent (despite perception of pet-unfriendliness)
  • 35.95% include their dogs in indoor dining while 46.76% bring their dogs to outdoor restaurants
  • 43.93% bring their dogs shopping somewhat occasionally
  • 38.76% bring their dogs with them to get their haircut to a moderate extent
  • 64.45% bring their dog to the beach to a certain degree

We clearly enjoy dog companionship.

However, the things dog owners most want to do, aside from going on a road trip, are eating at an indoor restaurants and shopping. Most dog owners do not see these activities as pet friendly.

  • 60% of dog owners see clothing stores as not at all pet friendly 
  • 59% of dog owners see indoor restaurants as not at all pet friendly 

Which doesn’t help their biggest worries about their dog.

  • 37% are worried that they won’t be able to be together all the time
  • 34% worry that their dog will be anxious
  • 33% worry that they won’t be able to take their dog with them out to places 

We know what people want- more dog time. But what do dogs want?

Survey highlights: Understanding Our Dogs

In the eyes of most dog owners, a dog is happy when: 

  • 49% say when they eat all their food
  • 62% say when they wag their tail
  • 60% say when they have energy
  • 55% say when they are affectionate
  • 43% say when they smile 

88% of dog owners say they are either very or extremely confident in their ability to identify when their dog is physically well. However, they don’t actually know the specific indicators  of wellness. More dog owners identifying energy, the desire to play and a clean plate as stronger indicators of health than things like the solidity or color of their poop, presence of gas, or shiny coat. 

Turns out that wellness is dependent on more than just an empty plate and a wagging tail. 

  • 94% of dog owners believe their dog’s gut health has an effect on his or her overall wellbeing
  • 54% are concerned about their dog’s gut health

And they should be. However, they struggle to identify the indicators of good gut health. 

  • 85% believe a dog’s gut is as important to dogs as a human gut is to a human 

And they should be. However, they struggle to identify the indicators of good gut health. 

  • 85% believe a dog’s gut is as important to dogs as a human gut is to a human

Survey highlights: Facts, Fictions and Misconceptions around Dog Food

Dog food brands are discovered primarily through a vet recommendation followed by a friend recommendation or a random pet store encounter. 

  • 63% of dog owners have heard of freeze-fried dog food, however, they are confused about it 
  • 44% think freeze-dried food needs to be stored in a freezer (It doesn’t)
  • 33% think it has a longer shelf life than kibble, 69% think that is false (Freeze-dried stays fresh longer)
  • 27% think it retains its flavor more better than wet food while 73% think that is false (Freeze-Dried tastes better for longer) 
  • 17% think it is harder to digest than kibble while 83% think that is false (Fresh Freeze-Dried is actually #1 in digestibility!)
  • 35% think freeze-dried is more expensive than wet dog food, 65% think that is false 
  • 32% think freeze-dried is just as safe an any other type of dog food, while 69% think that is false. (It’s actually safer.)

How to We Handle Dog Health Issues

When it comes to researching their dog’s health issues, they Google, ask the Vet or watch how-to videos on Youtube (above Facebook or Instagram). Digestion and loose stool are the most commonly searched concerns.

All of this data boils down to a few very important points:

  • You care about your dog’s wellness
  • You want to give them the best
  • You want to spend time with them

With Get Joy + Co. FRESH FREEZE-DRIED™, you can give them the nutrition they need, the convenience you want, and the Joy you both deserve. Visit for more information and join us in our celebration of dogs and the joy they bring.

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