A person sits wearing a skirt next to a puppy on the grass. A Get Joy tote bag and green bag of fresh freeze dried food is displayed.

Navigating Puppy Parenthood

So, you’ve decided to bring a brand-new puppy home! Welcoming a dog into your family is a big decision and shouldn’t be made lightly. 

As you begin the journey through puppy parenthood, there are a few things to know that will help make your experience positive. From training to the necessary supplies to make your pup comfortable, we cover it all in this post! 

What Puppies Need Most From Their Owners

They’re sweet and cuddly, but puppies also require a lot of patience, discipline, and care. Here are the main things you should focus on when navigating puppyhood with your new family member.   


You can begin obedience training with your puppy when they are around 3 months old. Training is critical to having a happy, social dog who enjoys being around people and other animals. You’ll learn basic commands and how to use positive reinforcement to raise a confident, friendly dog. 

Potty training is an important part of bringing a puppy home, so start this process immediately. 


As your puppy adjusts to life in their new home, planning to stay home for the next few weeks is vital to help them get settled. Don’t plan any trips or overnight getaways where you’ll have to leave them. Your puppy may be very clingy to you as he finds his new routine, and constant attention will be necessary to aid in this transition. 

New Puppy Checklist: Everything You Need

Bringing a new puppy home is incredibly exciting, but it can be overwhelming, too. You’ll need to buy many things and take certain safety measures in the house to ensure the little one is safe. 

New Puppy Shopping List

  • Collar and leash 
  • ID tag 
  • Food and water bowls
  • Chew toys, balls, and stuffed animals 
  • A comfortable, welcoming bed 
  • Healthy, well-balanced meals designed for their stage of life 
  • Crate or kennel for sleep and times when you’ll be gone 

Puppy-Proofing Your Home

Most puppies have a mischievous streak — it’s completely normal, but puppy-proofing your home is essential so nothing gets destroyed. Make sure to put away breakable items and secure cleaning supplies, sharp objects, and trash cans so your new family member can’t make a huge mess. 

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