A group of people do yoga on grass with their dogs next to them, demonstrating pet wellness.

October Is National Pet Wellness Month!

Healthy lifestyles and wellness are being implemented for pets just as much as they are for humans. Luckily, October is National Pet Wellness Month and is a perfect time to focus on your dog’s well-being. Our goal is to promote and teach you everything you need to know for your canine’s health and wellness year-round. Let’s dive in! 

A New Era of Pet Wellness Care

The pet wellness movement has become an important part of the overall care of our pets. In fact, modern pet parents are investing in quality products for their pets more than ever before. 

You can find plenty of feel-good solutions for your dog in the growing pet market. 

What Does Pet Wellness Entail? 

Pet wellness encompasses more than balanced nutrition, daily exercise, and routine vet visits. The wellness industry now offers solutions for your dog’s gut health, mental health, and overall health. 

Some of our favorite treats for gut health that you can give to your dog include:

Creating Pet Wellness Plans for Your Canine

Wellness care will help your fur baby lead a happy and healthy life. If you have begun to consider a wellness plan for your pooch, there are various components to consider for meeting their wellness needs. 

Here are six key components that you can implement today.  

Promote Daily Activity

Depending on your dog’s breed and size, they will need an exercise routine. Daily exercise keeps dogs physically and mentally healthy. Moreover, exercise is beneficial for maintaining a healthy weight, muscle tone, and cardiovascular health. Studies show that dogs who regularly exercise are generally better behaved. For extra physical stimulation, taking your dog to a local dog park to interact with other dogs is highly beneficial. 

Engage Their Minds

Enrich your dog’s life through mental stimulation. Not only are brain games a way to alleviate boredom, but they also help tire your dog and keep them busy. Incorporating mentally stimulating activities into their routine is beneficial for their mental health!  

Get Personalized Vet Care

Routine vet visits are another important aspect of your dog’s overall well-being. Schedule regular checkups with your vet to assess your dog’s baseline health and to promote preventative care. 

Practice Good Dental Care

Maintain your dog’s oral health through routine dental procedures, such as cleanings. If your dog has tartar or gingivitis, they may have to get dental prophylaxis to get the layers of tartar removed. 

There are also at-home dental care strategies that you can do for your dog to keep their mouth as clean as possible. For example, it is recommended to brush your dog’s teeth a few times a week. 

Schedule Regular Grooming

Dogs need self-care, just like us. Regular grooming is important for their overall hygiene, maintaining a healthy coat, and potentially identifying any fleas, ticks, and other health conditions. Treat your fur darling to a pet spa with an animal-friendly massage! 

Ensure Balanced Nutrition

It’s important to choose healthy and fresh meals for your dog. Ensure that your dog’s meals contain a healthy balance of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Balanced nutrition plays a role in a dog’s physical growth, energy levels, weight management, muscle development, and overall immune system.

Pet Wellness and Support from Get Joy 

At Get Joy, we love all things pet health and wellness. We’ve made nutrition simple for dogs, all with the collaboration of industry-leading veterinarians and pet nutrition experts. Our fresh meals are #1 in digestibility and #1 in gut health so that your dog can be set up for optimal health! 

Are you looking to build a personalized meal plan for your dog? You can get started here.

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