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Recognizing 7 Signs of Poor Gut Health and How to Address Them

If you have a healthy dog, their gut health may not be on your priority list — but it should be!

A dog’s gut can impact their overall health, even leading to chronic diseases if not properly addressed. Fortunately, there are a few signs you can look for in your dog if you think something may be going on with their gut. Curious about these signs and how you can combat them?

Gut supplements are the answer! Gut health supplements are an effective addition to any dog’s diet that may need extra support. Let’s explore the impact of supplements, how they work, and when you should implement them in your dog’s diet.

How Gut Health Supplements Help Promote Gut Health

Just like humans, a dog’s gut microbiome is pivotal in its overall health. The microbiome is an ecosystem of microbes that live in a dog’s intestines. It contains billions of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa living in harmony and keeping your dog healthy.

These bacteria aid digestion, prevent infections, synthesize vitamins, and strengthen the immune system. Nutrition impacts the overall balance of the microbiome, depending on whether your dog eats a healthy, well-balanced diet.

When a dog gets sick, is on medication or antibiotics, or has a diet change that disrupts the microbiome, they may show signs of illness or discomfort (keep reading for that insight). Gut supplements can help ease these symptoms and get your dog’s health back on track.

So, what gut health supplement is best for your dog? Get Joy has done the hard work for you! Our science-backed Gut+ daily supplement chews are proven to provide your dog with targeted and preventative digestive support daily.

We developed a powerful supplement with ingredients optimized for impact—like omega-3-packed algae to support inflammation, ginger extract to defend against pathogens, and pre, pro, and postbiotics, a combination unique to Get Joy.

With Gut+ as part of his daily routine, your dog will feel healthier and more energized. Ultimately, this means more exercise, playtime, snuggles, and fun with your family.

How to Improve Gut Health for Your Dog

Before you can improve your dog’s gut health, you may notice signs and symptoms that their microbiome is struggling. The common signs of poor gut health in dogs can include:

  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Skin issues, shedding, itching
  • Weight loss, obesity
  • Inflammation
  • Dehydration
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Gut tenderness

If your dog is displaying any of these signs, pay attention and take the steps to determine the underlying issue.

We always recommend consulting a veterinarian when you notice changes in your pet’s behavior or health, so be sure to take your dog in if you notice any of these signs.

After seeing your veterinarian and getting the OK, modify your dog’s diet to support the healthy bacteria in their gut. The best foods for gut health include:

  • Dark leafy greens (spinach, kale) and berries
  • Lean meat, including turkey and chicken
  • Sweet potatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower
  • Eggs
  • Fermented foods 
  • Bone broth
  • Pumpkin

A diet rich in fresh, high-quality ingredients will benefit your dog’s entire health and well-being. For healthier food that’s made with your dog’s health in mind, Get Joy offers meals and treats with fresh and high-quality ingredients!

Support Your Dog’s Gut Health. Get Joy Can Help.

At Get Joy, we take immense pride in putting your dog's health and wellness first. As a result, our meals and treats are made with fresh and high-quality ingredients that support your dog’s longevity. We’re proud to offer a science-backed line of supplements to improve your dog’s gut health and general well-being. Learn more today!

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