A man sitting on a kitchen stool while giving his dog a love tap.

The “Love Tap”

Written by Get Joy founder, Tom Arrix.

Who doesn’t enjoy a “love tap”? It's important to note that the way we touch our dogs can have a significant impact on their behavior and overall well-being.

The simple gesture of giving your dog a gentle pat or "love tap" can have several mental and physical benefits:

  1. Positive reinforcement: Dogs learn through positive reinforcement, which means that when they receive a good or soothing sensation from an action, they are more likely to repeat that action in the future. A pat or love tap can be a way of rewarding good behavior, such as following a command or displaying good manners or hang time on the couch.
  2. Bonding: Physical touch is an essential element of building a strong bond with your dog. Regular pats and love taps can help reinforce your connection with your dog and make them feel more secure and loved. They want this affection, it’s on us to provide it.
  3. Relaxation: Touch can be very calming, reassuring and relaxing for dogs, especially when it's done in a gentle and loving way. A love tap can help reduce stress and anxiety in your dog, which can have a positive impact on their overall health.
  4. Relationship: Dogs are highly attuned to body language, energy and touch, and a love tap can be a way of communicating and connecting with your dog. For example, a gentle tap on the shoulder can be a way of letting your dog know that you want them to move or pay attention to you or a signal by child that it’s time to play on the carpet.

Your “love tap” can have several benefits, including positive reinforcement, bonding, relaxation, and communication. Companionship bond grows with every touch.

Love them more, you’ll see the impact in the behavior and their growing love for you.