Two dog owners pose with their adorable puppy.

Thriving Through the Dog Days: A Canine Companion's Guide

Deciding to get a dog is a huge responsibility, but that doesn’t mean the process can’t be fun. And when it comes to your new chapter of dog ownership, trust the process and take advantage of tried and true tips.

If you’re not sure where to start, however, don’t worry! Get Joy is here to provide you with vetted tips that will help you make the most of every day with your pup. Here are our top tips for thriving through the dog days!

Reminders For Tough Dog Days

If you recently got a puppy or even an adult dog, it can sometimes feel like being a new parent. And odds are there will be some difficult dog days along your journey. When things get rough, come back to these helpful reminders to ease your mind. 

  • Take It One Day At A Time: As a new dog owner, do the best you can. And don’t expect to have everything figured out! Take things as they come, one day at a time. 
  • Have Patience With Your Pup: Dogs take time to adjust to new routines or skills, whether they’re young or old. Have patience with your dog and meet them where they’re at. 
  • Prioritize Affection: Affection can be really valuable on days when you feel you’re not making progress with your dog. Whether you’re working on training or simply building a bond, affection will bring you and your dog closer than before. 

Tips For A Happy Dog 

When your dog is happy, things are bound to go smoother. Take a look at these top tips for a happy dog. 

Socialization Creates Confidence

Socializing your dog can be a highly stimulating and joy-inducing experience. And the more socialized your dog is, the more confident they’ll feel in new environments or interactions. Bring your dog with you as often as you can to desensitize them and create exciting adventures together. 

Obedience Training For Stimulation

When dogs act out, this can mean they have built up energy that's not being released. Which is challenging for breeds that enjoy having a job that’s both mentally and physically stimulating. 

If your dog has high energy or drive, create a daily training regimen that engages their mind and body. You can even use treats to motivate them throughout the process. This will discipline your dog and strengthen the communication you share.

House Training

Additionally, house training is crucial to your dog's happiness and success in your home. Begin training your dog on certain house rules as soon as you can. This will set the standard for how they should behave when they’re in the home. 

Provide An Adequate Diet

Food plays a huge role in your dog’s behavior. In fact, unbalanced and processed meals can leave your dog feeling lethargic, hyperactive, or even depressed. 

For a happy dog, try feeding as many fresh, non-processed, and nutrient-dense meals as you can. This will fuel your dog’s body and their behavior. 

Make The Most Of Everyday

As you bond with your dog, remind yourself to enjoy the process. Relationships aren’t built overnight, and the same goes for you and your dog.

Get to know your pup by observing their behavior or personality, bonding through training, and sharing affection. Before you know it, you and your furry friend will have a handful of memories that built the foundation of your relationship. 

Raise A Happy Dog With Get Joy

Both nutrition and daily habits create a happy life for your dog. With Get Joy, you can provide the adequate nutrition your dog deserves and have a resource for 24/7 virtual vet access. 

Check out our Meal Plan Page to get started, or visit the Health Services Page today to gain access to quality veterinary services for your dog. You won’t regret it!