Top Dogs: Meet Brady, Our First Customer

Top Dogs: Meet Brady, Our First Customer

In 2018, Charlie Hannigan and his dog, Brady, joined the health revolution. In doing so, he became our very first customer. 

A longtime friend of Get Joy Founder & CEO Tom Arrix, Charlie saw the life-changing impact that dietary improvements had on Tom’s dog, Cooper, and knew the standard for how we feed our dogs was changing.

“When Cooper got sick, it was an education,” Charlie said. “[We] just hadn’t thought about it before. I thought we were doing the right things – feeding high-end dry food from the pet store – then we learned more about the benefits of actual fresh, real food.

“I absolutely buy into the importance of feeding good, nutritious food and helping our dogs live long and happy lives.”

Brady, Unleashed

  • After the Hannigan’s Westie, Mac, passed away, they decided a Golden Retriever would come next. “We had always loved Tom’s dogs, Cooper and Eddie, so we went to their breeder -- Eddie and Brady are cousins.”
  • Brady primarily dines on a rotation of Get Joy Savory Beef and Hearty Chicken Fresh Frozen Meals. However, he enjoys a treat or two, as well. “He’s pretty laidback,” Charlie said. “But when it’s time to eat, he’s eating right away.”
  • Despite being named for a certain six-time Super Bowl champion who famously defied odds by prioritizing his own diet, Charlie believes Brady’s personality takes after another member of football’s elite: “We should’ve named him 'Gronk,'” he said, referring to NFL star Rob Gronkowski. “He’s just this big lug who’s silly and lovable. Kids can sit on him, and he won’t even flinch.”
  • Just like the rest of us, Brady loves dogs. “He loves to swim, he loves other dogs, playdates are amazing because they run around and he gets along with all dogs, he’s super easygoing that way.”
  • Brady possesses lot of skills, but don't enlist him as a guard dog any time soon. “He doesn’t really bark. I’m pretty sure he’d just lick a burglar to death,” Charlie noted with a laugh.
  • Brady, now over four-years-old, is living his best life. He’s a frequent attendee at the Rowayton Farmers’ Market, enjoys swimming off of Charlie’s boat, and may or may not have developed a penchant for stealing his human family members’ underpants out of the laundry.

“Just like people, sometimes you get one with a good DNA,” Charlie said. “But I believe it’s how you and your family interact with them and care for them that forms their personality.”