Vail Avalanche Rescue Dogs: Furry Heroes Fueled by Get Joy

Vail Avalanche Rescue Dogs: Furry Heroes Fueled by Get Joy

As Vail's slopes buzz with excitement on opening day, let's not forget the four-legged heroes who ensure our safety: the Vail Avalanche Rescue Dogs. Part of the skilled Vail Ski Patrol, these dogs are trained professionals, adept in search and rescue operations, making them invaluable in avalanche situations.

Their training, starting from puppyhood, focuses on mastering search and rescue techniques and navigating the challenging alpine terrain. On this opening day, as we appreciate the thrill of winter sports, we must also acknowledge the crucial role these dogs play in mountain safety.

This season, the Avalanche Rescue Dogs are powered by Get Joy, the official food provider for these furry heroes. Get Joy is committed to offering the freshest, healthiest food, specifically tailored for active dogs like those on the Vail rescue team. Our high-quality nutrition plays a vital role in fueling the dogs for their demanding search and rescue missions.

Our mission aligns perfectly with the needs of these hardworking canines. Providing them with the necessary energy and nourishment, we ensure that these dogs are always ready for action. Every meal is a blend of essential nutrients, supporting their health and vigor, crucial for their life-saving duties.

As we embark on another exciting season at Vail, let's celebrate both the human and canine members of the Ski Patrol. A heartfelt thank you to the Avalanche Rescue Dogs and their handlers.

Here’s to a safe and thrilling season at Vail, with a special nod to the paws that keep us safe on the slopes!