A black lab eats dog treats out of his owners hand, demonstrating dog ownership day.

Wagging with Wisdom: Recognizing Responsible Dog Ownership Day

Each year, on September 17, National Responsible Dog Ownership Day is observed to raise awareness about the proper care, training, and well-being of dogs. The day also encourages current owners to enhance their relationships with their loyal companions. Get Joy will teach you everything you need to know about responsible pet ownership. 

Advocating for Our Dogs 

First things first, as pet parents, it is our responsibility to be an advocate for our dogs. That’s because your dog’s well-being is dependent on the choices that you make for him. 

All in all, it’s possible to make better choices for your furry best friend. Focus on learning more information about dog care, training, and behavior to ensure that you are providing quality care. 

Pledging For Responsible Dog Ownership 

This year, you can honor National Responsible Dog Ownership Day by making a pet promise. By taking a pledge, you are promising to provide good care to your dog. Some aspects of quality care include: 

  • Providing fresh water
  • Quality food
  • Regular grooming
  • Frequent socialization
  • And more 

Providing Better Care as a Pet Parent 

Here are seven tips to help you improve as a dog owner so that your dog has the best life possible. 

  1. Invest in Obedience Training. Whether your dog is a puppy or older and has mastered basic commands, obedience training can teach them more skills so that your dog is even better behaved. You can invest in local dog training classes, hire a professional dog trainer, or simply invest your time in training him at home. 
  2. Promote Daily Exercise. Regular exercise is important for every dog. Engaging your dog in daily exercise keeps them physically and mentally healthy. It helps them maintain a healthy weight, muscle tone, and cardiovascular health. Additionally, studies show that dogs who regularly exercise are generally better behaved. 
  3. Ensure a Safe Environment. Pet-proof your home by removing hazards and creating a safe environment for your pooch. Some tips to remember are placing supplies on high shelves, keeping trash cans covered, and covering heat or air vents. 
  4. Regular Vet Visits. Routine vet visits are another important aspect of your dog’s overall wellbeing. Schedule regular checkups with your vet to assess your dog’s baseline health. Your vet may also recommend routine screening tests to check for any underlying illness. Early detection and intervention are important for prolonging your beloved canine’s life. 
  5. Quality Time and Attention. There are plenty of activities that you can do with your dog to strengthen your bond. Set aside time each day for quality time like cuddling, playing, or petting. Most dogs require a lot of attention and affection. 
  6. Pamper your Pooch. Dogs need self-care, too! Regular grooming is important for their overall hygiene, maintaining a healthy coat, and potentially identifying any fleas, ticks, and other health conditions. Treat your furry best friend to a spa day by taking him to a professional groomer. 
  7. Choose Quality Nutrition. Opt for healthy and fresh meals for your dog. Balanced nutrition plays a role in a dog’s physical growth, energy levels, weight management, muscle development, and their overall immune system. 

Health Services From Get Joy 

You already love your dog, but responsible pet ownership means taking it to the next level through dedication, consistency, and proactive learning. All your efforts will be returned to you through lifelong companionship. 

Get Joy is proud to serve you and your beloved canine every step of the way through the health journey. Elevate your dog’s nutrition through a personalized meal plan. For more assistance, connect with one of our licensed vet experts to get started today.