What It Takes to Earn the NASC Quality Seal for Animal Health & Nutrition Supplements

by Erica D'Arcangelo
For approved companies, the NASC offers a prestigious Quality Seal that signifies the product’s safety, quality, and continuous improvement.
Three black bags of Get Joy's supplements - Joint+, Calm+, and Gut+ - are displayed against a gray background. This supplement line has earned the NASC quality seal.

When it comes to the food and supplements available for pets, animal health is of the utmost importance to the FDA and the USDA.

For over 20 years, these two entities have worked alongside the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) and many companies and manufacturers. This is to ensure the safety and well-being of animals via the supplements and food they consume.

For approved companies, the NASC offers a prestigious Quality Seal that signifies the product’s safety, quality, and continuous improvement. Curious about what it takes to earn the NASC Quality seal? Let’s break it down.

Obtaining the NASC Quality Seal for Animal Health Services Products


Firstly, any company interested in displaying the NASC Quality Seal has to become an approved member of the organization. A formal application is required, along with complying with the membership terms. This includes signing the NASC Member Accountability Guidelines.

Once membership is approved, the company can begin working toward earning the Quality Seal (which can take up to four months to complete). This begins with an audit process, where the company is trained in labeling, claims, event reporting, and quality control requirements.

NASC will also review the company’s existing documentation (similar to a product manual) on how they handle quality control at the manufacturing level. Proven procedures must be shown and approved, from material sourcing to packaging the product.

Once the NASC Compliance Team completes the audit and the final report is issued, the company can officially display the yellow Quality Seal labels on its labels and marketing materials for two years. After two years, every approved company must go through the full audit process again to remain compliant. No shortcuts and no workarounds—just a stringent, straightforward process that strives to maintain animal health.

If the Compliance Team finds any discrepancies or issues during the audit, the company has 60 days to showcase the steps they’re taking to fix the problem or risk losing their chance at the famed Quality Seal.

The Importance of Regulations in the Animal Health and Wellness Industry

For most animal food and supplement companies, the safety and health of animals are at the foundation.

Regulatory guidelines are put in place to ensure no company is marketing their products under the guise of making money, and not for the concern of animal health.

Without these regulations in place, anyone can make unverified claims about their products and how they will improve the lives of animals to consumers. To mitigate this risk, the FDA and USDA collaborate with NASC to protect animals and their families.

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