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What You Need to Know About Puppy Nutrition

A dog’s nutrition needs change as they age. As a new puppy owner, it’s important to understand what they need to support their growth and development. Providing healthy foods early in life is crucial in establishing a puppy’s overall physical and mental health. So, here’s everything you need to know about puppy nutrition. 

Dog Nutrition: A Guide to Supporting Their Development 

The average dog lives 10 to 13 years. Like humans and other animals, dogs have specific physical and mental stages of development. Dogs reach physical and mental adulthood around 10 to 24 months old, depending on their breed. This means establishing positive nutritional habits is vital during the first year of a dog's life. 

Here is a thorough guide to dog nutrition and how to best support your growing pup.

The Key Elements of Puppy Nutrition

What exactly is a balanced diet for a growing dog? Puppies need a diet of fat, protein, digestible carbohydrates, and calcium. Each of these elements plays an important role in their development. Here is a detailed look into puppy nutrition.

Fat Intake

Fat intake is important but needs to be monitored. Eating healthy fats is essential for puppies due to the vitamins and essential fatty acids they provide. However, developing pups may be at risk for obesity and developmental diseases if taken in excess. 

Health experts suggest that for puppies, roughly 10-25% of their food intake should be fat-based. 

Protein Intake

Protein is the most critical nutrient for a growing dog. While a balanced diet is needed, the recommended protein range is 22-32%. Protein supplies amino acids that strengthen muscles, skin, hair, nails, and ligaments. 

Digestible Carbohydrate Intake

Carbohydrates offer an energy source to growing dogs and help digestive functioning. While no specific amount of carbohydrates is recommended, most health experts request roughly 20% of their food intake. There is very little evidence to suggest that a moderate amount of carbohydrates can be harmful to puppies. 

Optimize Puppy Nutrition with Get Joy

Growing puppies need natural, nutrient-dense foods. At Get Joy, we believe that food quality is everything. That’s why we’ve created dog meals, treats, and chews that offer the nutrients your dog needs to grow up happy and healthy. Our fresh freeze dried meals are an excellent option for growing and developing puppies, especially those with sensitive stomachs. We also support dog parents in developing the perfect meal plan that meets the needs of their specific breed.

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