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Why You Should Stay Consistent with Supplements for Your Dog

We’ve all been there. We start taking supplements for our health and then, a few days in, get discouraged that we aren’t seeing the results we thought we would. You may be surprised to learn that it can sometimes take 4-6 weeks to see the positive results from your supplements. Supplements for dogs aren’t so different.

Why is Consistency so Important When it Comes to Supplements?

From the day you start your precious dog on supplements—whether it be Calm+, Gut+, or Joint+—the high-quality ingredients we use do the important job of restoring necessary vitamins and nutrients to boost your dog's health. However, it takes time for the supplemental ingredients to build up in your dog's system before they begin making a difference in how your dog acts and feels. This is where consistency comes in. 

To see those results as quickly as possible, be sure you follow the dosage guidelines every single day. This helps the vital nutrients in the supplement reach higher concentrations at a faster rate, in turn showing faster results.

Do I Need to Continue the Supplement After They Have Shown Improvement?

When your dog has reached the point of improvement and is prancing around like a puppy again, you may think the supplements have completed their job and are no longer needed. Only half of this is true. The supplement for dogs is doing its job, but it is still needed!

Think about it as completing a workout routine. If you are consistent and work out every day, you'll start seeing results. If you take time off, be it a few days or a week, it will take that much longer to achieve your desired outcome. Thus, daily supplementation can help keep the results flowing smoothly. 

Get Joy’s daily supplement chews aim to support overall dog wellness and longevity through targeted gut health, joint care, or stress care. Our science-backed formulas, with quality active and inactive ingredients optimized for impact, are specially formulated by renowned Ph.D. Animal Nutritionists help dog owners prioritize preventative care and maintain daily wellness routines that go beyond the bowl.

Stay Consistent and Watch Your Dog Thrive

We all love our pets and want them to live long, healthy, and pain-free lives. Consistency in your dog's supplementation will give you peace of mind that you are helping to make that happen for your companions. So, start shopping Get Joy’s supplement line today! Your dog will thank you.

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