A Husky dog licks his nose and stands outside on a mountain, demonstrating winter coat care for dogs.

Winter Coat Care: Keeping Your Dog's Fur Shiny and Healthy

Winter has set in, which means paying extra attention to your dog’s well-being. One crucial aspect that many dog owners overlook is coat condition. But harsh weather, cold temperatures, and indoor heating can all take a heavy toll on dog coats and skin. Here are five helpful tips to keep in mind this winter.

5 Tips for Winter Dog Coat Care

It’s important to ensure that your dog stays warm, but it’s also vital that their coat stays healthy and shiny. To ensure that your dog’s coat remains healthy, here are five essential dog coat care tips.

1. Shampooing

Keeping your dog clean is important year-round. However, finding and maintaining a regular schedule is even more crucial in the winter.

Too much bathing can strip your dog’s coat of its natural oils, leading to dryness and irritation. That’s why, when washing, it’s important to use a shampoo that’s nourishing and moisturizing. Depending on your dog’s activity level and outdoor exposure, monthly bathing is usually recommended.

2. Conditioning

Winter air is drying, which can lead to knots and tangles in your dog’s coat. To combat this, your dog coat care should include a high-quality dog conditioner with each bath.

Like the shampoo, be sure to choose a conditioner that’s nourishing and hydrating to both the skin and coat. This can also make the coat soft and manageable, which makes it less burdensome to brush.

Be sure to pay close attention to areas that are prone to tangling, like behind the ears and under the legs.

3. Brushing

Like bathing, a regular brushing schedule is vital to maintaining a healthy coat during the winter.

The kind of brush you use will depend on your dog’s coat. Consider: 

4. Adding Extra Warmth

Just like people, dogs can get chilly. This is especially true for those with short or thin coats. To make sure your companion is warm during walks or other outdoor activities, consider investing in a sweater or coat.

It’s important that the fit is just right – snuggled and fully covering the torso but not restricting movement.

5. Visiting a Professional Groomer

Depending on the dog's breed, coat upkeep can feel demanding and stressful. You may even be confused about where to start. In these cases, professional help is the best way to ensure that both you and your dog receive the help and support that’s needed.

A professional groomer can provide thorough grooming sessions and identify any skin issues or abnormalities. However, just like at-home grooming, seeing a professional requires a regular routine. So be sure to schedule appointments throughout the winter.

Remember, dog coat care requires a combination of proper grooming, hydration, and protection. Following these five tips will help you ensure that your furry friend stays comfortable and healthy throughout the season.

How a Dog Skin and Coat Supplement Can Help

As you care for your dog’s coat and skin, you may find that they are still facing skin and coat problems such as dandruff or itchiness. These are problems that a dog skin and coat supplement can help resolve.

Supplements are often packed with nutrients like fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants. They also improve the coat’s ability to retain warmth, which helps to keep your dog warm and cozy during low temperatures.

Support your furry friend both externally and internally when you invest in supportive and nutritional supplements.

Keep Your Dog’s Skin and Coat Healthy Year-Round!

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