A person walks a group of nine dogs on a sandy beach as part of their daily routine.

Your Daily Wellness Checklist Routine

Pet wellness is, fortunately, less complex than human health. Dogs, like humans, benefit from routine. Your four-legged furry friend has a mind and body that is nourished by walks, proper nutrition, nurturing contact, good sleep, and enough water. Just as human health relies heavily on the quality of our relationships, your dog’s health is improved by the quality of attention you provide them. 

We know you care about your pet’s health as much as we do. That’s why we've broken down some daily essentials to keep your dog’s wellness in tip-top shape.

Let’s Begin With Nutrition: Wellness Goals and More

A healthy gut equals a healthy brain, giving life to an optimally functioning system. We know that if you’re here with us, the likelihood that you invest in your family’s nutrition is high. By spending more money on purchasing wholesome ingredients, you feel better, work better, and live better. Well, it’s the same with your pets.

While fresh dog food is more expensive than regular kibble, the difference in health makes all the difference. Farm-to-bowl meals increase your dog’s energy levels, bone strength, coat health, mood, and overall life span.

Because we are passionate about your pet’s wellness, we encourage feeding your dog fresh meals and treats daily. Get Joy offers a weekly plan to help your dog’s transition and provides different options for high-protein meats, fresh veggies, and grains.

Why Get Joy Promotes Fresh Dog Meals

Our team of experts and dog lovers encourages pet parents to transition from regular kibble to real ingredients for long-term health results. Consistently, our veterinarian-nutritionist-designed dog meals offer incredible effects. 

From healthier coats to increased energy and weight control, your pup will thrive when trying our delicious, nutritious meals. 

We like to emphasize that something is better than nothing. Ready to get started? Transition to our fresh freeze dried meals and see how your pup thrives.

Understanding Your Wellness Checklist

There are many activities to include on your wellness checklist. From daily walks to dedicated playtime, check out some of our top tips.

Regular Daily Walks

Let’s face it: regular physical movement benefits everyone, not just your pet. Walking is one activity you and your pet can enjoy together. So, what are the benefits of daily walking? For both parent and pet, benefits include lower blood pressure, stronger muscles and bones, and decreased stress. In addition, cardiovascular fitness improves, too. 

Next time you go on a walk with your dog, remember it’s a chance for both of you to feel good. If it ever feels like a burden, try turning it into a social activity! By setting a goal to reach a specific destination, running an errand, or saying hello to neighborhood friends, walking is no longer a chore. 

Instead, walking becomes the bridge to greater health for you and your dog, as well as an opportunity to bond and connect.

Nurturing Contact

Nurturing contact regulates our nervous system and reminds us we are loved! And guess what? Another word for nurturing contact is simply play! 

Scheduling ten to fifteen minutes of playtime with your dog will help nurture them into loving, responsive pets. When you dedicate joyful time to your dog, they grow fond of you and even loyal to you. 

So, schedule as much play time and morning cuddles as possible to guarantee that your bond remains strong.

Check, Check, Check: What About Water and Sleep?

Let’s recap. Healthy nutrition, daily walks, and scheduled playtime are vital to your pup’s health. What’s left for your pet's optimal health is focusing on their water intake and sleep schedule. 

Ensure that you leave a bowl of water for the dog daily, and check that it’s full and fresh throughout the day. With healthy meals, daily walks, nurturance, and play, sleep also comes naturally. 

Remember that routine and schedules help dogs feel comfortable and confident. Therefore, having a set eating and sleeping schedule will help them flourish.

When you help meet your dog’s needs intentionally, you set them on the path to ultimate wellness.

Want More? Try Doga: Dog Yoga

Dog yoga, or doga, is a thing! And yoga for animals has actually been around for quite some time. Dogs, in particular, are well-suited for yoga because they naturally like to be trained. 

Practicing on the mat with your dog improves anxiety, strengthens your connection, and promotes relaxation and socialization. Ultimately, it's therapy for both of you!

Contact Get Joy For All Things Pet Wellness

It’s really our pleasure to help pet parents feel good about the quality of care they provide for their dogs. This is why we hire a team of experts that help build meal plans and educate on the benefits of farm-to-bowl pet meals. 

After Get Joy founder Tom's dog fell ill with Lymphoma, he discovered the three pillars of a dog’s health: nutrition, genetics, and environment. This is the inspiration behind all of Get Joy’s products and offerings. We’re here to help you be the best pet parent you can be.

If you’re looking for nutritious meals, health services, and helpful advice, we’ve got you covered. Get started today!