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Zen Pets: Cultivating Calm in Your Anxious Pet

Often, we view anxiety as solely a human emotion. However, this is not true. Our canine companions can also experience uneasiness and tension. Understandably, this can be quite disconcerting to pet owners. Luckily, there are methods to relieve pet anxiety. 

In fact, you can help your pet maintain a calm and relaxed state of being. Let’s take a closer look at what you, as an owner, can do to foster this healthy mindset. 

How to Calm Your Pet: Pet-Friendly Edition

First, become adept at understanding your dog’s emotions and state of being. Of course, dogs can’t speak, so they won’t be able to communicate their feelings verbally. 

However, they can show physical signs of nervousness and anxiety. For example, dogs may aggressively or relentlessly pace around the house. In addition, they may urinate indoors. These are common signs that a dog is feeling uneasy. If you recognize these patterns in your pet, it may be time to try relaxation exercises.

Identify Triggers

One of the first things you should do is identify their triggers. Typically, their anxiety will be induced by certain actions or events. So, try your best to limit those troublesome circumstances. However, avoidance is not a permanent solution. In fact, it is only the start of the healing process. 

After calming your dog down, try to build their self-confidence slowly. This can be accomplished through controlled exposure exercises. By gradually confronting their fears, dogs may no longer feel fear or apprehension. 

Pet-Calming Techniques

Moreover, you can implement certain pet-calming techniques. For example, aromatherapy may be an effective solution. Scents such as lavender or peppermint have a relaxing effect that can ease your dog’s tension. 

Furthermore, show your dog affection. Dogs respond quite well to physical touch. So, holding or petting your dog can greatly help them during moments of anxiety.

How Maintaining a Pet-Friendly Home Can Help Ease Anxiety

An effective way to ease your dog’s anxiety is by maintaining a pet-friendly home. It provides a sense of comfort and safety. Therefore, you should do your best to uphold a relaxed and secure environment for your pet. In particular, you can purchase a comfy bed for them. This will act as a safe space for your dog.

Music Therapy

Furthermore, there are various activities you can do in your home that can help calm your dog. For example, certain dogs respond well to relaxing music. Soft and slow compositions from Mozart or Beethoven can do the trick. Specifically, you should try “Piano Concerto No.17 in G Major” by Mozart and “Symphony No.6 Pastoral, 2nd Movement” by Beethoven. 

Relaxing Games

Moreover, you can play quiet and relaxing games with your dog. Be sure to avoid fast-paced games, as over-stimulation may worsen anxiety. You can calmly ask your dog to sit, roll over, or lie down. Once they listen, you can give them a small treat. These slow and repetitive movements can alleviate tension and uneasiness.

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